It's a Paula shirt! I love my clients! Each of them started with the simple step of contacting me.  For many, it wasn't easy to take that 1st step, but they are so happy they did!

 Here's what some of my clients have to say about our work together.........

Nancy Olson"During our first call, Paula told me to expect a breakthrough in my thinking. It happened, and it was enough for me to make a commitment to work with her. I could tell Paula would be diligent, yet not in a "do this or I'll kick your ass" sort of way. We connected, I felt comfortable, and knew she could serve as a guide for me."

Nancy Olson | Executive Director and VP of Leadership Programs at LA Area Chamber of Commerce at Southern California Leadership Network

LDJ"Ok, so after working and working and working with Paula and getting over amazing crap in my life, I finally step out with the utmost confidence in myself, the material I write, and in my life coach. Thank you Paula D'Andrea for not allowing me to give up on myself. If you are attempting to move forward and stop at each turn, this is the woman to help you make it happen. Do the work, pay the price for the work, overcome whatever it is to get to where you want to be, and become big and fabulous, without sabotage or ego. Paula will get you there. Thanks so much for coming out and watching me do my thing at the world famous Comedy Store of Sunset Blvd.... It would have never happened without your guidance!!!!"

Lory Dean | Writer/Comedian

  “Paula is a great motivator and is creative.
Throw in her fitness background, and ‘poof!’ you’ve got
the whole package to accomplish your goals on many levels.

Patrick Jordan 
Principal at Patrick Stewart Properties | Palm Springs, CA

Paula has something special about her. She brings an awareness level, a mindfulness and a spiritual quality I try to hide. It's not just because she has history working with women on their fitness, nutrition, goals, values and dreams.

There's a spiritual element to all of this and I don't talk about that very much because I'm a commercial negotiator.
The spirit element is critical to everything I do and Paula brings that same spirit to everything she does.

So there's a resonance between us, which you wouldn't expect from an old trial lawyer and her former personal trainer.

Victoria Pynchon  | Author, Keynote Speaker, Consultant
She Negotiates Consulting & Training | Los Angeles, CA

Find Out If We're A FIT

During the course of my day, I hear "I used to" over and over...
"I used to be able to run 5 miles," "I used to be social," "I used to be 2 sizes smaller," "I used to sleep right through the night," "I used to embrace change," "I used to make my own food and eat really well."

It's Ok, things change. You just have to accept where you are, right now in your life. When you're able to meet yourself here, it's a lot easier to focus on being healthy, wealthy and happy.  And to focus on anything else you really want in your life.

You're here, you have a desire to transform your life, be successful and give yourself the freedom to live by your rules.  Now is your time.  What's the best way to see if I'm for you?  Try me out. In appreciation of you being here, right now, I'm going to give you a way to do that.  Normally my program rates begin at $500.  In appreciation of your interest, and being here right now, you can try me out with an Introductory Consultation.

Experience the power of my work before making a bigger commitment.  It's a win-win.  You're here, you're thinking about it... go for it.

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