★Motivation Monday:  Be a Leader

★Motivation Monday: Be a Leader

_______________________ ★Motivation Monday ★ ________________________   What are your Leadership qualities?   Leadership What are the qualities of Leadership you admire? How do you match up? What are the strengths you have that give you an opportunity to stand out in your life and serve others? What makes you want to put yourself 'out there'? Each President marks an era, and the reflection of our nation. Some were effective in office, while others, like Franklin Pierce, were considered failures. He was respected and admired as a lawyer and politician by his home state of New Hampshire. Nationwide, his popularity waned as he made divisive decisions. He was abandoned by his party and not asked to serve a second term. What do you do to deal with the tough decisions of your life? How are you making your mark? You don't have to agree with politics, and you probably won't be happy with every leader. Nor will you be liked or popular with everyone. What you can...
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★Motivation Monday:  Give Yourself Permission

★Motivation Monday: Give Yourself Permission

_______________________ ★Motivation Monday ________________________   What are you waiting for FUN Have you ever found your spontaneous moments are way better than anything you could have planned? There isn't any endless scheduling, preparation or doubt.....just an unfolding. For some people that can be a real challenge. Are you one of them? It's true, unplanned moments and an ability to 'break from the norm' isn't for everyone. While structure and discipline can be useful, there are times to just break out and do something without double checking yourself or feeling like you 'have' to do something. Where in your life would you like to give yourself permission?  There are times that you go back & forth in making decisions for yourself.  I can help you out!  Schedule a complimentary 30 minute Breakthrough Session with me and give yourself a green light in your life..... Love & Light, Paula D'Andrea - Transformation Specialist After an outstanding career as one of L.A.'s top fitness...
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Are you going cuckoo for coconut

   Are you going cuckoo for coconut? Coconut oil is fast on the rise to become the oil to use.  Touted as having multiple health benefits, it is superceding such favorites as olive and canola oil.  When purchasing, look for VIRGIN, RAW or PURE on the label to get all the healthy benefits of this oil. For optimal health, your daily dose is around 3 - 4 tbsp (per 150lbs).  It's allure is that it is a medium chain fatty acid - one of the purest.  Take it in small doses throughout the day, generally 1tbsp at a time.  Curative results have been shown for as little as 1 tbsp per day.  Super Fat Fact:  this fat is used as ENERGY (think METABOLISM!) because it is absorbed readily by your liver, allowing your body to use it as an energy source rather than store it. It is fast becoming known for it's help in detoxing & weight loss. BENEFITS:   - protects against cancer         ...
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Fit Tip: Get off the vicious weight loss cycle!

Fit Tip:  Get off the vicious weight loss cycle! If you've experienced the same 20lbs creeping back on as soon as you've taken it off, you're probably driving yourself crazy.  What would be a better approach?  To focus on being healthy.  Make a decision to be comfortable on the inside.  Be at peace with yourself.  Once you give that power to yourself there is no need for 'dieting' or 'maintenance'.  You will simply be living your life as a healthy individual.  Your focus then becomes, 'how do I live healthily'.  You will be more at ease to eat less, eat nutritiously, to walk, to drink tea, to move, to exercise.  You will be more present and available to yourself, making better decisions on how to live your life now. Be free of clouded judgement and uncontrollable emotion.  Engage clarity of choice & voice, living in verbal vibration of yourself.  This will resonate within your body to open space for calm, peace and...
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Work it, baby!

Work it, baby! Do you know the greatest secret to losing fat once and for all?  It's being solid with yourself and knowing in every cell of your body that you are meant to be healthy and have the body you deserve!  Easy to get to that space?  Yes!  Make the decision right now that any self sabotage maneuvers you've had in place no longer serve you. Enforce your new beliefs with a coach, trainer, friends or support group.  I guarantee once you do this, the pounds will begin to melt off  like never before! Now that you are in the heart and head space, you are truly in the zone to taking care of yourself.  First order is to give your body less work to do by leaning out.  When you are at your ideal weight and your systems are in unison, your body will work for you.  Overall, you will reduce, and possibly eliminate,  any growing health threats. You'll now find it...
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