RESET:  Resilience

RESET: Resilience

Most people think you're born with resilience.  You aren't.  It comes after your stress.... as you recover. Illness, job transition, divorce, debt and losses are all forms of adversity that can knock someone to the ground.  What is the worst experience you have had in life? Do you feel you've made a complete recovery?  Use these questions as a guide to gauge your success.  If you answer yes to 2 or more, it's time to RESET. Do you manage your emotions well? Are you able to easily pull in your focus and stay focused? How often do you feel empowered? Where in your life do you still feel like a victim? How efficiently do you solve problems How social are you? Do you have resourceful coping skills? Are you easily meeting the goals you set for yourself? RESET and become more resilient FREE 20-Minute Guided Meditation For Stress Relief If you have any questions, please reach out. My office phone is 424-262-0348, or you may email ©Paula D'Andrea June 5 2016 ...
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RESET:  Honor

RESET: Honor

One of the most revered characteristics of a soldier is Honor. A love of country and the desire for a better life help them defend our nation. It is a call to action, for sure - certainly not for everyone. For those who have the bravery to stand and serve with honor, I am fully grateful. The best the rest of us can do is to make each day count. To live fully with the freedom so passionately fought for. To live our best lives to honor those who put their lives on the line for us. How are you honoring yourself? Are you living in alignment with your true value Do you trust your abilities - so much so that you share them How attentive are you to a daily practice What kind of boundaries do you have for yourself & others Where are you putting your ideas & passion on the line Where are you holding back and not honoring yourself? Live fully...
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This Week’s RESET:  Capability

This Week’s RESET: Capability

When you're heading out in a new direction, you have to put a few demands on yourself. You're more capable than you think you are! How do you strengthen your inner knowing to feel fully capable? Make the following part of your Daily Practice..... Be grateful for your ideas Trust you have 'the goods' Acknowledge your skill set Speak like a winner Be daring every day Do you feel you have what it takes Do you trust you can do it Do you acknowledge your capability If you have any questions, please reach out. My office phone is 424-262-0348, or you may email ©Paula D'Andrea 2016 ...
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This Week’s RESET:  Unstuck

This Week’s RESET: Unstuck

Get Unstuck How frustrating is it to be excelling in one area - like your business - and stuck in another ? "Excruciating," "Like a migraine of the heart" are a couple of ways my clients put it. When you're putting a lot of effort into one area, it is very common to get stuck in another. Until you reset, and energize your solutions. What do you when you find yourself stuck Experiencing repeated cycles of sabotage Getting spun out by your 'story' or a traumatic event Living in a body that is unhealthy Hiding or finding comfort in the past It's time for you to move forward and be in stride with your life ..... in flow. When you're stuck, you feel like life is passing by you. What if you could move past any blocks, swing your energy to the positive and fully participate in your life? Now is your time. Imagine Waking up everyday excited to be alive ...
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This Week’s RESET:  Support

This Week’s RESET: Support

SUPPORT There were quite a few people who showed up for me last week, and I want to say thank you! It feels wonderful to be supported, and I really appreciate those of you who supported me by sharing my information for my book launch last week - we hit #1! And I'd like to especially thank those of you who decided to RESET - I look forward to our sessions. “No matter what you have, no matter your experience level, sometimes you just need a hand.”   ―Auliq Ice You feel so good when you show up for someone, don't you ? There's a sense of importance, closeness and love, isn't there? A connection that you make with yourself & whomever or whatever you're supporting. It's a win/win, and it inspires you to do more. Do you easily ask for support when you need it ? If not, why not? I understand how hard it can be. As someone who was raised to be...
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