★Motivation Monday:  Knock Twice for Success

★Motivation Monday: Knock Twice for Success

    _______________________ ★Motivation Monday ★ ________________________   What are your automatic actions?   Automatic A belief tied in with an action is a powerful thing... you're embedding both the thought and action. Do you have any actions that are automatic? Have you ever noticed that your body responds - kind of like a 'knee jerk' reaction? It may be something that you just 'do,' without any real thought behind it... it's simply something you do. If you're part of the 'House of Cards' craze, you have probably seen Frank Underwood tap his ring twice on the table or the window of his car. His 'game face' explanation is in the photo above. In reality, it's a matter of power for him. Interpretation An automatic conditioned response can work for or against you. If you have one, is it still meaningful and serving a purpose for you? How can you take the 'automatic' out of it.... by bringing awareness to your action. How do you want...
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★Motivation Monday:  Be a Leader

★Motivation Monday: Be a Leader

_______________________ ★Motivation Monday ★ ________________________   What are your Leadership qualities?   Leadership What are the qualities of Leadership you admire? How do you match up? What are the strengths you have that give you an opportunity to stand out in your life and serve others? What makes you want to put yourself 'out there'? Each President marks an era, and the reflection of our nation. Some were effective in office, while others, like Franklin Pierce, were considered failures. He was respected and admired as a lawyer and politician by his home state of New Hampshire. Nationwide, his popularity waned as he made divisive decisions. He was abandoned by his party and not asked to serve a second term. What do you do to deal with the tough decisions of your life? How are you making your mark? You don't have to agree with politics, and you probably won't be happy with every leader. Nor will you be liked or popular with everyone. What you can...
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★Motivation Monday:  Give Yourself Permission

★Motivation Monday: Give Yourself Permission

_______________________ ★Motivation Monday ________________________   What are you waiting for FUN Have you ever found your spontaneous moments are way better than anything you could have planned? There isn't any endless scheduling, preparation or doubt.....just an unfolding. For some people that can be a real challenge. Are you one of them? It's true, unplanned moments and an ability to 'break from the norm' isn't for everyone. While structure and discipline can be useful, there are times to just break out and do something without double checking yourself or feeling like you 'have' to do something. Where in your life would you like to give yourself permission?  There are times that you go back & forth in making decisions for yourself.  I can help you out!  Schedule a complimentary 30 minute Breakthrough Session with me and give yourself a green light in your life..... Love & Light, Paula D'Andrea - Transformation Specialist After an outstanding career as one of L.A.'s top fitness...
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I shot the sheriff

         “None but ourselves can free our minds.”  ― Bob Marley I posted this quote in my FB Group, RISE, this morning.  As a member commented, on the quote, 'I shot the sheriff', a popular Marley song,  popped in my head, and that's what I put for a response.  In the song written by Bob Marley (later popularized by Eric Clapton), I believe he is referencing an actual incident of self defense.   As I thought a little about that sheriff, here's what came to mind.  In my self defense, I've shot my sheriff.....  that mofo that likes to hang out and patrol everything.  Do you have one?  That influential little bugger that 'keeps you in your place' - in lock down.   Are you ready to free your mind?! 1. Engage:  Your mind, and very consciously decide NOW to shoot your sheriff - just don't shoot yourself in the foot ;) 2. Embrace:  Your core essence - give the power back to yourself & out of...
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Fresh Perspective

         Do you need a word upgrade? Our opportunities to change up our vocabulary are all around us.  It could be a chance encounter where you meet someone new, and chat'em up a bit.  That little rendezvous can glean a nice little sauce of expression! A really great author or songwriter has a lot to offer. Read a well written book or lyrics will have you walkn' away with a plethora of adjuncts. Do you find yourself using the same old words to describe even new things? Habit.  Or creatures of.  We can say the same words, over and over. Just like we eat the same things, wear the same things.  And we have our favorites for sure..... for every occasion, lol. And what becomes of that word?  Does it grow in meaning.  Take on another context, encourage new meaning? OR...... Are you sick of the word & want to toss it out altogether?  It happens.  We outgrow things, and words and perspective are one to grow on.  What are the knew words you seek? ...
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