Motivation Monday:  Do It Now

Motivation Monday: Do It Now

Become a subscriber to Motivation Monday, click here Motivation Monday: Do It Now You know when you have those times, Paula, that a thought or feeling arises and you say, "I'll get to it later" - how many times does it slip away before you turn your attention to it. Maybe it's a thought or feeling you really don't want to have right now - you think it would interfere with your life too much. The exact opposite is true! The acknowledgement is the best thing you can do and it brings another dimension to your reality. Give yourself 5-10 minutes and take a look at what you've been shutting down. Pull out pen and paper and see what comes from this prompt, "If I let one more minute slip away"   Your time starts now...... Are things slipping away and feeling out of reach in your life? Don't let one more minute slip away.... Contact me here to explore what's ready to arrive...
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Focus On Your Outcome

  Focus On Your Outcome   As you set goals, you should have an outcome in mind.  For example, you may be like my client John, a high powered player in the entertainment business.  He would find himself stressed every time he had an important meeting or event to attend because his weight fluctuated so much.  He had an expensive wardrobe and was filled with dread every time he went to his closet, scared that he wouldn't fit into his clothes. By eliminating the limitations around his weight issues, we were then able to design John's outcome of being able to fit into his wardrobe at any time.  Every detail of his outcome was clear to him - he could see it, feel it, own it and rock it.   His health and mindset goals supported his outcome, and he is now confident at all times that he can wear anything in his closet. Like John, any time you feel you are out of sync with...
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