When you come down to it, you’ve imprisoned yourself for years

EVERY TIME YOU SQUASH YOUR THOUGHTS, FEELINGS OR ACTIONS, YOU’RE IMPRISONING YOURSELF.  It is one thing to be kind, considerate and thoughtful.  Quite another to give people what they want to hear at your expense.

YOU ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANOTHER PERSON’S FEELINGS.  Are you the type of person who thinks about how every word you say is going to affect someone else?  So much so that you squash your real feelings and words?

DON’T GET CHARGED WITH A BUI™   I’ve termed a BUI™ – Being Under the Influence™.  As we continue to discover and weed out our negative self talk, we want to find out where these thoughts, words and emotions are coming from.  Are they habits developed from your family during early childhood?  A ‘gift’ from the nuns?  Cultural?  Wherever they came from, let me tell you something…… they’re draining!

BE YOURSELF – COMPLETELY.  There’s a huge freedom in following the path of least resistance. There’s no reason for you to be unhappy, and life really doesn’t have to be difficult or complicated.  You become healthier in so many ways when you lift the shackles from your mind, body and soul.  The next time you speak, act or think, step into your power and let the thoughts and behaviors come from YOU.  Know that people will act the way they need to in relation to you.  Don’t worry about their feelings, they aren’t your responsibility.  Really.

If you haven’t taken the time to write out your negative self talk yet, do it!  Notice the trends, then begin to pinpoint where those influences came from and write them next to the negative thought, word or action you have written down.

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  • WOW!! You read my mind! After so many years and most recently, I realize how I allowed certain people to push me around and talk down to me. In fact, I’m a bit mad at myself these last couple days as an event surfaced as a reminder. I promised myself that will happen again…and damn her for doing it. Ahhh..that felt good to get off my chest!! Interesting, I also realize in order for me to get clear of what happened and to come to terms, it will help me to help others. And that is so worth it. Growing a business is great, but who you become in the process is much greater! Thanks for this amazing post, Paula. Have a fabulous holiday!!

    • Woo Hoo! All the more power to you, Julie – this is the place to clear the air 🙂
      Your friend actually did you a huge favor in surfacing this so you can conquer it
      once and for all!! Cool on you for ‘clicking’ and bustin’ a link Julie!!
      Happy Independence Day! Paula

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