Are you sick & tired of being ‘sick & tired’?

Do you want to scream because you just f#*d up again?!!

Are you tired of spinning your wheels in the same ‘vicious cylce’, with the same OLD issues?

From your weight to your finances you need help…………

  • you’ve been a slave to your emotion for too long
  • you’re unhappy, frustrated and ready for your next move 
  • you’re ‘sick and tired’ of pleasing other people and living up to their expectations
  • the voices inside your head are driving you crazy, and it feels like you’re out of control 
  • you’re ready to break free and have some peace of mind


Sounds like you’re suffering from a BUI – Behaving Under the Influence.  Hold tight….. relief is on the way!
Bust out of all those limiting beliefs,
negative self talk, actions and in-actions that keep you in a vicious cycle……  all the areas where you are Behaving Under the Influence.    


Rock Ya Self out with Freedom & Peace of Mind

Find Freedom

  • from the ‘screamin’ demons’ that have held you back
  • from trying to please everyone all the time
  • from the same 20lbs you’ve been battling with for a lifetime

Peace of mind

  • knowing and feeling that you are enough
  • knowing and feeling that you are love, and loved
  • knowing and feeling that you can have it all

Step into your Power……..  Rock your Dreams into Reality

“The most beautiful people we have known are those who have known defeat, known suffering, known struggle, known loss, and found their way out of the depths.  These persons have an appreciation, a sensitivity and an understanding of life that fills them with compassion, gentleness, and a deep loving concern.  Beautiful people do not just happen.”  ~ Elizabeth Kubler Ross
I’m Paula D’Andrea, and I’m one of the Beautiful People.  I would love to Rock you out!
There may have been something that took you out of the picture for a while – an injury, divorce,  loss of a loved one.  You might have just found yourself in an ’empty nest’ or a job transition.  Maybe you’ve just lost your focus and are caught up in old patterns and beliefs.  It’s all dragging you down – you feel helpless, trapped.  Somewhere along the line, you lost you.
You know there’s a part of you that shines brilliantly.  You’re just having a hard time ‘getting there’.   You need to get back into yourself – physically, creatively, energetically, emotionally.  You just can’t stand living like you are any more.  Now is the time to restore your confidence and desire, and get to your next level of greatness.   Your unique beauty.


I excel at helping people ‘get in & get out’ to get themselves back quickly, easily and gracefully.


Are you ready to experience your next level of greatness?
I would love to help
you in your quest for ‘next best’.  A Discovery Session is a
time for us to have a little heart to heart, a little Soul Play.   As you tap into
your heart, you will have the benefit of experiencing another level of you.
In your Discovery Session, you’ll find out how how well we mesh, and which of
my programs will Rock you out!
I’ve designed a short survey for you to fill out to find out what you’d like my help with.
Please click here to fill out the survey that will get you your inner Rock Star
Thank you so much for your interest!  I look forward to speaking with you.






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