BUI™ – Behaving Under the Influence

How do you live the life of your dreams?
In two words:  Dynamic Lifestyle.

‘Do the things that scare the shit out of you to find the things that serve you.’    ~ Paula D’Andrea
The greatest Freedom you have, lives in desire.  Moxie to live where you want, how you want and with whom you want.  Passion to speak your mind, from your heart, with the language you want.  Freedom to be who you want to be.  A decision to live dynamically.
From time to time, that may mean getting out of your comfort zone.


How do you cruise past your bullshit and start fully living in Dynamic Cruise Control?
You get rid of your  BUI’s – the things that have you Behaving Under the Influence.  BUI’s have a tendency to accumulate over your lifetime.  Sometimes, they are so ingrained, you don’t even see them.  You are so on automatic pilot with thoughts, words, actions, beliefs that you’ve learned that you just go into action without even consciously thinking.


Hey, let’s face it, some of the things you’ve learned  are really valuable and good to hang on to.  They actually contribute to your core values and serve you well.  Then there’s the stuff that doesn’t.  More than likely you’re feeding into a line of B.S. that was established early on.  It doesn’t resonate for you – it probably never did, but it’s what you learned.  You cringe every time you do/say/think a certain thing – pay attention to that!!  Start writing out all of the crap that bothers you that you don’t feel lined up with…. it’s a good start.

Step into the Best Version of You
It is possible to live the life you’ve always imagined.  You can strut your stuff, have an amazing relationship with yourself & others, travel, be happy, look & feel great and have all you’ve dreamed of.  If you really want it.  What will it take for you to get to the point of fulling stepping into yourself?

Rock Your Life
Like any great Rock Star, you have to create the person who is ready to get out and rock the world.  You probably have a great amount of success in your life – couldn’t you use a little more?!  Maybe there’s just that one little thing that lingers.  Isn’t it time to just let it go once and for all?  To fully step into you…. to fully embrace your life, your health, your business… your dreams!


Rock ya self out ~

 Tap into your inner richness and experience your next level of Rock Star!    
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