Everyone from millennials to traditionalists Rock a pair of headphones to exercise, meditate, learn and be entertained..... what are you listening to?


Easy listening is in!  On the high end ($1500-2000), you can pick up a pair of Sennheisers or Audeze to hear every beat or syllable while listening to your hi-fi.  For most daily activities, like exercising and traveling, wireless headphones are becoming the trend.  'Batbands' and Beats* give flexibility and comfort whether you're revving up on the elliptical, walking the city or sitting on your sofa.

Let's face it, you just have to take a break every now and then!  Music is one of the easiest ways for someone to transform a moment.  You can easily identify any special occasion with a song, can't you? What is on your playlist that instantly takes away all of your stress and puts you in a better mood?

While you're exercising your playlist can range from rock to dance and help you get revved up. For those moments when you're ready to center yourself, a meditation or motivational track will do the trick.  Educational listening is great for long train rides, walking or nestling into your favorite spot.

Whatever you are listening to, keep your heart and ears open to the feelings, message and sensations being created in your mind, body and spirit.  What you listen to is a key to your development and overall well being.  While you may still want to rock out to Led Zeppelin while you're cruising through your workout, give yourself time to explore something different in your quieter moments.  A little love and light goes a long way in creating a new beat in your soul.

New Beat
Are you listening with judgement or criticism?
Is there something you aren't hearing...... or don't want to hear?
Do you turn a 'deaf ear' to your inner voice?

Who does that negative voice sound like?
If you answered 'yes' to any of these questions, it's time to redirect with a tune-up.  It's quick, easy and graceful, and will definitely have you singing a new tune and better options for a new playlist.

 When your internal dialogue is tuned into a negative channel, it's time to begin flexing your vibration!  Just like anything else, when you apply yourself and begin strengthening an area, it will respond positively.  When you Re-Set  the sounds you perceive, they will shift from negative to positive.  After your initial redirect, it takes a little time, consistency, practice & diligence to really fine tune your inner voice.


Are you ready to begin interpreting your vibrations differently?  Send your brain a new message by tuning in and re-setting your ears so they can clearly hear the message your inner voice has for you.

Get expert help in redirecting your energy to maximize your potential... reach out to find out how, paula@pauladandrea.com

Love & Light,
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PD RYLTransformation Specialist Paula D'Andrea is a speaker on the topics of mindset, wellness and inspiration. Paula is an expert in harnessing the power of transformation to help busy professionals end pain and self-sabotage to create more freedom, visibility and abundance in their life. She is CEO of a personal development company with over 20 years experience working with 1000s of people nationally and internationally. Paula teaches her signature program F.I.T.™ as both live events and live webinars and consults and speaks globally. Visit http://pauladandrea.com/ and http://rockyourlife.tv

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