Be the Buddha

“It is better to travel well than to arrive.” – Buddha

Chillax, it’s all happening.  When you take a moment to take in your life…… OK, maybe you need a few hours, lol.  Anyhoo, take the time to reflect on what’s transpired in your life.  Are you at peace with it?  Can you look at all the crap that you’ve been through and be OK with it?

You may feel like you have ‘unfinished business’ with yourself or someone else.  Life is too short to hang on to ill will, pettiness, or anything that will hold you back.  Holding on is what contributes to physical and mental illness, a bad vibe and unwanted stress.  Are you done yet?!

If you’d like to ‘travel well’ and enjoy your journey, I’d like to share a little Hawaiian prayer I learned a month or so ago.  It’s called Ho’oponopono.

This ancient Hawaiian practice will bring you calm, solace and peace.  It can be practiced for someone you are in strife with or you may apply it to yourself for something you’re hung up on. There are a few variations of Ho’oponopono, this is the one I learned.

All you have to do is call to mind the person and circumstance you’d like reconciled or forgive and recite these 4 lines silently:
“I’m sorry
Please forgive me
Thank you
I love you”

You may say it once or you may repeat it for a minute or two. Your heart will let you know when you’re done 🙂


©Paula D’Andrea, July 11, 2011.   All rights reserved.




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