Your Backstage Pass kicks off with
a virtual day of four 90 minute Skype sessions
which include writing, discussion & laser coaching


Session 1:  Be True, Be Cool – tap into your inner Alchemy 

Session 2:  Rock Your Sweet Emotion – get out of your own way by identifying your Screamin’ Demons & BUI’s! 

Session 3:  Live Without Limits – get clarity on what you want and set Rock Solid goals

Session 4:  Rock a Higher Vibe – stand in the Power of your
Inner Alchemy and be in flow with your Life

You’ll have built in breaks throughout the day to meet all your needs.


To make sure you are on Rock Solid ground, and start
Kickn’ some Ass, you will have 3 months of expert coaching to:

Rock your Sweet Emotion to Bust any BUI’s that creep up
Rock a consistent Higher Vibe
Acclimate to your new life to Live Without Limits
Kick Some Ass!


Backstage Pass Package

5 hour Rock’n’ Roll Virtual Day
6 – 40 minute Coaching sessions*
3 ‘POWER BOOST’ 15 minute calls

A Customized Mind Movie
Weekly customized motivation message
Subscription to Rock Star Monday 

Are you ready to Rock’n’ Roll?  Coolio!
Contact me now for your Backstage Pass

Let’s Rock!  Click here

*Two 40 minute sessions/month,
  expire 90 days from start date




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