Are you going cuckoo for coconut?

Coconut oil is fast on the rise to become the oil to use.  Touted as having multiple health benefits, it is superceding such favorites as olive and canola oil.  When purchasing, look for VIRGIN, RAW or PURE on the label to get all the healthy benefits of this oil.
For optimal health, your daily dose is around 3 – 4 tbsp (per 150lbs).  It’s allure is that it is a medium chain fatty acid – one of the purest.  Take it in small doses throughout the day, generally 1tbsp at a time.  Curative results have been shown for as little as 1 tbsp per day. 
Super Fat Fact:  this fat is used as ENERGY (think METABOLISM!) because it is absorbed readily by your liver, allowing your body to use it as an energy source rather than store it. It is fast becoming known for it’s help in detoxing & weight loss.
BENEFITS:   – protects against cancer          – helps premature aging         – stimulates your metabolism             – helps lessen chronic inflammation              – preventative for diabetes, degenerative disesase, periodontal disease 
There you have it…. in a nutshell – Raw Coconut oil reigns supreme!

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