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Are you a Budding Buddha?

Mahatma (Great Soul) Budh original name was Prince Siddharth.
He left his home to find answers to these questions:
Why there is so much sorrow & pain in the world?
Why do people get old & die?
How can a man get rid of his sorrows & pains?

Budding Buddha

If you’ve experienced sorrow, pain, happiness or wanting, you are a Budding Buddha. You’ve allowed your heart to be touched by Life.

It is said that when he was young, few sages told Siddharth’s father that his son would be a great king or sage. His father wanted him to be a great king like him and did his best to keep his son free from negativity that would influence this young boy. Siddharth did not come in contact with sick, old or poor people until he ventured out on his own as a young man.

And what did he seek? That which he didn’t know about… that which he had been yearning for his lifetime. To know, experience and live – to be Aware.

As a Budding Buddha, what have you sought in your life ?

3 attributes of the Budding Buddha
1. How deeply you feel. Is your feeling appropriate for the situation, or are you attached, and bringing in past issues?
2. How willingly you share. Do you share your happy and sad with others equally, or only express certain things?
3. How quickly you release the Energy of your emotion. Are you stifling your inner flow by letting old energy reside in your heart, your head and your body?

Paula’s Budding Buddha says: When you hold on to emotion, live in your past, or become attached to emotions or outcomes, you are stifling the flow within you.  Begin to release your trapped energy and release your heart, body & soul from pain.  When you allow yourself to keep experiencing without attachment, you will live an extraordinary life. (And Rock your Life!)

As you head into a new week, ask yourself…..
Do I easily experience and let go of people/situations/events?
How fully do you feel and release, moving on to your next moment?
Am I holding onto sorrow or unhappiness from the past?
If you are holding onto sorrow or unhappiness, how is it manifesting in: your thoughts, your body, your relationships?
How often do you experience joy and happiness?
Do you know what truly brings you joy and happiness?

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Love & Light,

How are you a Budding Buddha in your life?  Leave your comment below……

PAULA D’ANDREA Transformation Coach

Using her unique gift to ‘tune in,’ Paula guides clients to release old, trapped energy and emotion in their body.
There is a wealth of knowledge stored in the body, ready to inform and reconnect with the heart, allowing one to be in a more dynamic flow, with ease and grace. Once someone establishes this awareness, they are able to fully connect with their body and heart, to improve their self care, be healthier and live a more dynamic lifestyle.

Paula has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, Forbes.com, and an Amazon best seller.
She’s also appeared on KTLA’s Morning Edition, KNBC’s ‘Live in LA’, and Telemundo’s ‘Al Rojo Vivo’.

Paula is also the founder and producer of Rock Your Life TV which is featured on iTunes, YouTube and the Blubrry Channel for ROKU.
On her show, Paula interviews and features leading experts in business, wellness, energy and transformation, providing viewers with tips, information and different modalities of healing, energy and self care to Rock their best life.

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  • I love this new series of posts, Paula. So potent; so provocative. Each powerful question begs to be answered and that’s a wonderful journey all by itself. Thank you; while I’m in the process of questioning so much, these questions act as guides.

    • Happy to hear you’re getting so much out of ★Monday Motivation, Andrea!
      We are exactly that….. on a journey. What pulls you forward is a little nudge
      with a different perspective. I am offering the questions to motivate and prompt
      a mini breakthrough – to help clear the path.

      I love how you’ve so wonderfully captured the essence of the series, Andrea – yay!
      Keep reading ~ Paula

  • I have experienced physical ailments when I’ve had issues that I didn’t or couldn’t deal with at the time. Now, I pay closer attention to nurturing myself as well as to the message my body might be giving me.
    Each morning or evening (or sometimes both) I think about what I’m grateful so that I begin and/or end my day on a positive note.
    Thanks Vatsala & Paula.

    • Thanks for sharing Debra! Many people have the physical ailments and haven’t
      connected the dots.” They are in a great deal of pain, and don’t know why.

      I appreciate your contribution to help raise the awareness – your comment will help
      someone else see the light and notice the cycle of pain they’ve been in.
      My specialty is guiding people out of those cycles of pain.
      Thanks again, Paula

  • When the heart is full of resentment, anger or grief and words that need to be spoken are left unsaid, it often manifests in asthma or a lung infection. A budding Buddha would be aware of his/her emotions, acknowledge them and then practice forgiveness and letting go or acknowledging the pain and moving ahead with mindful steps. The Buddha lives in all of us, but stays latent until we take the right actions to let him manifest in our daily lives.

    • I love your ‘Budding Buddha’ – thank you so much Vatsala!

      I love how you’ve given a specific example of how unspoken words manifest in the body – you are spot on!
      In an unaware state, most people won’t connect the dots as to how much is being stored in their body.
      There is incredible knowledge in the body just waiting to connect with their heart to lead them out of pain, and
      into their ‘Budding Buddha.’
      Well said!

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