I did an ‘Alivener’ series with Visionary Trainer/Coach, Soleira Green and learned these steps to bring myself into being and ALIVEN



1.  ENGAGE  Call yourself present.  Sometimes that’s half the equation of energizing!  We aren’t ‘all there’ because we’ve got too much going on. Give yourself the time and special place to pull yourself together, and Breathe!
2.  EMBRACE ‘Seek an exhilarating ecstatic relationship with something you love and let the big high vibes soar through you and into the field around you. Fill yourself up.‘  You know what turns you on – get to it!!!  The more you are able to ‘High Vibe’, the more things will come to you and be in your playing field.
3. EMBODY Once you tap into that space – Explode it!!  Let it travel from the earth to the moon & back.  Really go all the way and amp it up – become your own generator.  The key here is to RELEASE it.  That is where the Magic happens!  In order to get bigger with it, you have to unleash it and travel out into the world.


‘Let it source Life, and bring things more alive than ever before’. ~ Soleira Green



This really gives new meaning to ‘meditation’ doesn’t it?!  There are a couple of things that make this process so powerful.  Your first power comes from making a conscious decision.  Once you empower yourself in that way, you make a simple ‘time out’ a truly rewarding experience! 

By bringing yourself present, getting in touch with your mind, body, breathing and surroundings, you amplify your energy into being.  As you soar with the cosmos and share your energy, the collective source brings your energy to a whole new level. 

When we go beyond ourselves, we make the greatest gains.  As you raise your vibration and add it to the ‘greater good’, you accelerate your energy.  It is what I refer to as ‘Adding to the Hum of the World’.    A win, win state……. certainly something to revel in!

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