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Healthy, Happy, Dynamic

What if these were 3 words you used to describe yourself?
What if these were 3 words others used to explain how they feel when they’re around you?
What would it be worth to you to live your life as a healthy, happy, dynamic person?


      What would it be worth to you if you could……

– have a healthy body you like
– wake up every day excited about life
– be financially secure with room to be frivolous
– have a path in life that you really enjoy
– be around people you really care about
– experience your life as abundant in love, fun and freedom

 Whether you spend your time in the boardroom, courtroom, on stage, in videos, in your community or with your family, you want to be healthy, happy and dynamic.  Fully visible, fully present…….. fully participating.  Thriving.

Do you find yourself having a ‘Groundhog’ day…… going through the motions, same old same old….

– Experiencing repeated cycles of sabotage
– Getting spun out by your ‘story’ or a traumatic event
– Staying in a job/career you’ve outgrown or don’t like any more
– Living in a body that is unhealthy
– Uncertain what you want to do with your life
– Hiding or finding comfort in the past

You won’t find success or happiness by hiding out.  Sometimes you just have to give yourself a fresh start. To start living again with zest, enthusiasm and meaning. When you aren’t happy, it’s amazing how your body will rebel!

– Recurring flare-ups or chronic pain
– Extra weight
– Inactivity
– Lack of self care

Pain isn’t any fun. It leaves you depleted, unable to concentrate and to focus on what you do want. And more than that, you aren’t happy.  You come back to the same painful questioning, over and over.  “If I’m so successful in other areas, why can’t I move past this.”  You’ve gotten really good at your ‘cover up,’ and from outward appearances, you look like you have it all….. that you have it together.   Inside you’re at a loss.  Angry at yourself and feeling shitty… stuck.

Crappy Decisions
Anger, pain and emotions promote clouded thinking and poor choices.  It can be costing you a shot at love, friends, or advancement in your career.  Most of all, you’re restless, out of sorts, and in physical and emotional pain.  It’s taken its toll and you’re over the edge.  

Maybe you start flaking on your friends & family – bowing out of events Maybe you slip on your self care – overeating, not exercising and vegging out Maybe you isolate yourself – overworking or oversleeping Maybe you self medicate with food, drugs or alcohol

Tack on new life paths, injuries, divorce, illness or loss of someone you love, and you’ve got even more to recover from.  You may want to take a ‘time out’ for a little bit so you can regroup and gain clarity.  

This is your time to end your pain.
  To come back stronger, with more of you – mind, body and soul.  This is your time to take your life back.  Your time to walk your talk…  to be fully who you are, what you are, how you are.  To show up in life.  To begin breathing life back into yourself – with truth and dignity.  To get your body back.  To get your mind back.  To get your heart back.

Fresh Start
This is your time to live your life – to really love yourself and be the person you want to be.  
When you are able to fully step into you – with the best parts, the flaws, the mistakes, the love, the successes – you’re in Power.  Rockn’ your life, lovin’ your life.  In your body – wholly, fully, completely.  

Stop Managing, Start Living

Take the first step in breaking your self limitations and sign up for a complimentary Breakthrough Session.  In this 30 minute session you’ll get an ‘AHA’ or mini breakthrough around what causes your sabotage and how to stop it.

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Paula D'Andrea is passionate about helping busy professionals overcome pain, limitation and adversity to lead healthy, happy, dynamic lives. She is a transformation specialist with a background in fitness, wellness and coaching who harnesses the power of transformation to create freedom, happiness and abundance in your life.

An international, in-demand speaker, Paula is a dynamic force in the personal development field. As the host and founder of the syndicated web series, Rock Your Life TV (http://rockyourlife.tv), she has interviewed the world's leading authorities in the personal and professional development fields. Natalie Ledwell, Michael Stevenson, Peter Canova, Kathleen O'Keefe-Kanavos and Gregory Ann Cox have been Paula's guests on her successful series which airs on ROKU, Samsung, Apple TV, iTunes and Kindle Fire. 

Paula's proven ability to end pain, sabotage and limiting beliefs for her clients has positively transformed the lives of hundreds of busy professionals worldwide.  Learn more about Paula and her forthcoming book, F.I.T. - Freedom, Integration, Transformation.

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