Are you ready for a clean slate?  To begin on a fresh page, a new chapter?  Perhaps until now your book has been sitting on a shelf, in the deep recesses of the library, covered with dust.  As you lift that book off the shelf and blow the dust off, what do you feel?  Do you embrace your Life?  Do you welcome the person you are, or are you uncomfortable with the words and pictures of your Life.

I’ve got news for you……. you can burn that book, put it back on the shelf, or dust it off, give it a kiss and sit down to read it.  Take the best parts of it, revel in them and read on.  There will be parts you don’t like.  Revel in them anyway.  It’s about stepping into your Life, being in surrender, and walking into the next phase to become.

So often we are feeling we have to let go, and we search all avenues in this pursuit.  As unpleasant as an experience may have been for, you’re still here.  It’s up to you to share that experience with us.  You may choose to relate in a way that you give us a heartwarming story, filled with insight and relativity to enrich our lives.  In turn, finding a deeper respect for yourself, a deeper love, a deeper acceptance.  When you publish your book, make sure it doesn’t get pushed up on a shelf.  Promote it, live it, share it.  Get your message out there in as many forms as possible, in as many languages as possible, in as many hearts as possible.  Did you enjoy this blog?  Sign up now for more info

©Paula D’Andrea, May 2011.  All rights reserved.

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