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What is it like to not just live your life.... but to Rock it.  To really own your experiences, 'good' or 'bad.'  To allow each life experience to shape you and know yourself better.  To become more of who you are.  GO.

Tin Man

Show Your Heart

'Oz never did give nothing to the Tin Man that he didn't already have' ~ America

tin man
Are you ready to remove the distractions that are trapping your love, emotion, body and mind? Something Rock'd your world at some point in your life that you felt the need to protect your heart. Like the Tin Man, it's been there the whole time {!firstname_fix} - just waiting to be set free. Waiting to experience life....... wholeheartedly.

What you've been searching for externally has been trying to get your attention - internally. Sometimes you get overrun with thoughts or emotion... sometimes you get a headache or sharp pains in your gut. All those signals from your mind and body are working really hard & waiting for you to re-set!
set yourself free
Get to the truth - past the story, past the emotions, past your past. Give yourself the chance to re-claim your power - to stand in it, own who you are really & Rock your life.

When you get the 'a-ha' that puts it all together, it's magical! It's a special moment and one of the things I really love about holding space with clients - giving them that moment to step in and connect their dots. To know how great they are and discover the true meaning of loving & accepting themselves, deeply and completely.

The woods where the Tin Man is first discovered is inhabited by a number of exotic birds. Look for a small toucan in the tree (where the Witch is hiding) at the opening of this scene; and at least one (perhaps more) large, crane-like birds in the background of where the Tin Man stands for most of the scene.

The steam shooting from the Tin Man's cap startles Toto, who runs out of the shot.

Tin Man Jack Haley was the father-in-law of Liza Minelli.

"Tin Man" is a 1974 song by America which made the Top 10 List.

PD RYLTransformation Specialist Paula D'Andrea is a speaker on the topics of mindset, wellness and inspiration. Paula is an expert in harnessing the power of transformation to help busy professionals end pain and self-sabotage to create more freedom, visibility and abundance in their life. She is CEO of a personal development company with over 20 years experience working with 1000s of people nationally and internationally. Paula teaches her signature program F.I.T.™ as both live events and live webinars and consults and speaks globally. Visit and

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