5 Reasons to R★CK ya self out – right now!

1.  Now is the perfect time.  There will never be a more perfect time than now.
Why?  You can keep waiting, but guess what?!  You’ll keep waiting & waiting & waiting…. and
your life will never unfold until you jump in.

2.  It’s easy.  That’s right, it totally is!  It takes just as much energy to get into
action as it does to procrastinate.
p.s.The result is much better when you get into action.

3. You’ll Rock a Higher Vibe.  Once you start being you at full tilt, everything in you will
elevate.  You’ll be stirring up your inner alchemy,
and bringing your energy levels up into a higher vibration.

4.  You’ve got plenty of time.  Ok, if you’re working 14+ hour days, your time
may be a little tight.  If you’re like most people, putting in 8, you’ve got plenty
of time!  What you need to make room for are priorities.  You are your #1 priority,
aren’t you?

5.  Decide.  That’s it.  Pure and simple.  Make a decision to change your life and
get to it!  Make your decision and jump into action with a Discovery Session, click here


Rock ya self out!

Paula D’Andrea is a Rock’n’Roll Alchemist who has overcome her
own ‘Screamn’ Demons’…….. Rockn’ 5 near death experiences,
3 knee surgeries, family loss and financial ruin, to come back on top
and work with some of the most entertaining people on the planet.

When you work with Paula, either as a client or business partner,
you can count on her having your back.  She is charismatic,
candid, bold & knows her shit – true Rock Star material herself.
For Speaking/JV/Production opportunities, click here to connect with Paula

Potential clients can get started by filling out Paula’s survey, click here.

©Paula D’Andrea October 15, 2012. All rights reserved.
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    • Totally key, Leanne! Sometimes there’s a little hemmn’ & hawwn’ goin’, but
      man, when you get to the ‘other side’ – it’s a Beautiful thing 🙂

      Thank you for being so thorough with your read & makn’ it all the way thru
      my bio – cool, cool. R★CK ya self out Leanne ~ P

  • Paula,
    I just love your energy and approach! I so enjoyed your call with Amethyst (I’m in telesummit too). I’ll bet you bring a lot of good vibes to your clients. I just love the rocking aspect. You’re so right…NOW is always the perfect time…Thanks for the pep talk.

    • Thank you so much Lisa Marie, I have a mutual admiration for your work!
      We’re like a couple of bad ass Stratocaster’s jammin’ it out 🙂

      Glad to hear I could R★CK a High Vibe for ya – we get by with a little
      help with our friends. You are always in your divine timing… even if
      it doesn’t seem so. BELIEVE!
      R★CK ya self out ~ P

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