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What’s Your Raw Talent?



What do you think I have in common with
Advertising Super Power, Charlotte Beers
Founder of One Kings Lane, Susan Feldman
Pilot & Owner of Desert Jet, Denise Wilson

3 Pillars to Success: Confidence, Competence, Connection

Know you Are
This past Wednesday, I attended a wonderful event sponsored by American Express.  At the CEO BootCamp, I had the opportunity to meet some super women in business and hear all of the awe inspiring speakers listed above.  As each person spoke, there was commonality.  It was the constant head nod..... yes, yes, yes!

Although you may need to be reminded of that from time to time, most likely you have the 3C's in common as well.  When you're in your day to day, any one of those pillars can be shaken.  And when they're shaken, it can be a bit rocky.

You have something special in you.  It's easy to forget in the dark moments.  And when the dark moments extend themselves to longer periods of time, it is much harder to tap into that special place.  Take a moment to tap in.  To recall a song, a saying, a story... something that really speaks to who you are.  Got it?  Here's mine.....

Raw Talent
I've always had raw talent.  Naturally athletic, intuitive and I love to play.  When I was around 10, my mother signed us up for a pool club to give us a place to go while she was working.   Although It wasn't swanky, it had some great people and was well run.  I played tennis, shot baskets and swam.... just 'cuz I liked to.

Swim trials were being held, and I decided to try out for the swim team.  No lessons, no form, no technique.  Just raw talent and ambition.  I was excited.  I wanted to be a part of something.  As I stood, getting ready for my heat, I could hear other kids laughing and pointing at me, and I smiled back.

And then I heard what they were laughing and pointing at.  My bathing suit. "She must have got it at Kmart."  I didn't have on a Speedo like them, I had on a matching tank and bottom that was fading out from chlorine and sun.  It came from Ann & Hope, which was an equivalent of Kmart at that time.

Well, I pretty much sank at that moment.  Totally deflated.  I looked at my bathing suit and looked at theirs.   I could feel myself getting ready to cry.  They were still pointing and laughing.  One said, "I hope your bathing suit doesn't fall off in the water" which got a huge laugh.  I took that in.  And I shrugged my shoulders and started circling my head, like I'd seen the older kids do before their race.  And I didn't cry.  I decided to win.  To go all out and get to the other end of the pool as fast as I could.  To leave the shame, inadequacy and ridicule behind.

And I started to do all the other exercises the older kids had been doing to warm up.  Swinging their arms back and forth, circling forward and back, twisting, lifting their knees to their chest.   I had been watching the older kids for quite a while, the best swimmers particularly.  How they approached the edge of the pool, and stood their with their toes wrapped at the edge.  Getting down really low, looking down, looking up.  How they got ready to leap in the water.  Ready to compete, ready to win.

And the laughing had stopped. And out of the corner of my eye, I could see them watching me.  Not to make fun of me.  But to see me getting ready to compete.  I didn't look at them.  There was still a part of me that wanted to cry.  I kept my focus.   I held my stance, with the strong legs I've been gifted with, and I let my arms dangle at my sides and worked those wrists every which way like I saw those older kids do.  And I got ready.  Just waiting for that 'POP' - that signal that it was time to go.

And that gun went off and I lunged.  And I skimmed the water and came up paddling like no tomorrow.  I could barely see in front of me.  In my private practices, I hadn't experienced the wake built up by other swimmers.  You float differently.... it's harder in competition.  And I just kept going until my hand hit the wall.  And I stopped.  I was in the last lane and looked across the pool. And out of 8 of us, there were only 2 other people hanging onto the wall like me.  I didn't come in 1st, I didn't come in 2nd.  I came in 3rd.  Nothing but raw talent and ambitionIt was a start.

I got out of the pool and got a few nods as I walked by the other girls still in the pool.  And then it happened.  The most popular boy at the pool and one of the best swimmers, the one I had been watching the most (and had a huge crush on), came by and said congratulations.  Right in front of everybody, all eyes on usMe in my faded out, non-reg bathing suit, addressed by the heartthrob of the pool club, clad only in his Speedo.

Talent knows talent, heart knows heart. 
Action is rewarded...... and has it's perks 🙂

Know who you are and let it get stronger every day.

Connection allows you to experience a breakthrough.  And it takes objectivity to help you with a new perspective.  I'm good at offering objectivity with new perspectives.  Join me for a session and get another step closer to living life on your terms..... with clarity, confidence and strength.

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Paula D'Andrea - Transformation Specialist

After an outstanding career as one of L.A.'s top fitness trainers, Paula D'Andrea is Rocking her role as a Transformation Specialist. Paula has taken her knowledge of the body and mind to a deeper level. Using her strong intuitive skills, personal experience in healing her own body and years of practical learning, she is now guiding her clients out of long term cycles of sabotage, limiting beliefs and pain to live more vibrant, dynamic lives.

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  • We all have gifts and flaws and sometimes we let others tell us which ones define us. While those may be positive moments, too often they’re negative and we believe it. It seems we’re more inclined to believe our detractors than our supporters. Why? Well, I guess that’ll be another blog post! Congratulations on breaking through that lousy chatter and allowing yourself to define your own strengths and then using them, whether to carry you through the water or to higher ground.

    • Strong words Andrea, thank you. There is a time for support and outside perspective – it can
      be very helpful at times. The question is, how heavily do you let yourself be influenced by that?

      It really is about that beat you give yourself to be able to pull back and ‘tune in’ to
      your inner strength. To listen to your heart, your body and your inner knowing.
      A lot of people forget that step and need a little fine tuning to get back into alignment.
      Being back ‘in tune’ will carry you through anything.

      Thanks so much for offering your insight Andrea!
      Love & Light, Paula

  • Fabulous story. Such courage and conviction. Your strength, bravery & tenacity saw you through it. And, coming in 3rd place was a “win” in my book. That strength shines through in you today!

    • Thank you Debra. The underlying current of that Strength is Love. I have a
      huge heart, and that is what shines the brightest in all that I do 🙂
      And, yes, I agree….. 3rd place was awesome!!
      Love & Light ~ Paula

  • I LOVED YOUR STORY! In addition to raw talent and ambition you had courage and self-determination. I find many of my clients “tease” themselves. They are the ones pointing and laughing and telling themselves that they there is something wrong with how they have shown up to compete. This makes it all the more important to focus on the truth of what we bring to the table – like raw talent and ambition.

    • Thanks so much Tai. Thanks for pointing out the courage & self-determination 🙂
      I love your talent of perception…… all of it falls into my passion for guiding and inspiring others
      to become stronger in who they are.

      For anyone struggling with “I’m not good enough” syndrome, being able to recognize and take ownership of
      your raw talent will have you Rockn’ your business, and life, in no time!
      Love & Light, Paula

    • Happy you enjoyed it Stephanie. Those challenging moments are great to help
      you dig deep and tap into those natural talents and traits. Strength is the name of my game!
      Thank you for your comment 🙂
      Love & Light, Paula

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