What do you think are the 3 most common things people struggle with during the Holidays?

They’re probably the things you struggle with too……. stress, weight gain and depression.  Yup, those are the top 3 things I’ve heard from clients consistently during the Holidays in my 20+ years in the Fitness/Wellness industry.

People get totally stressed out during the Holiday season with all the shopping, parties, baking, etc.  They don’t have time to themselves, they feel really thrown off schedule and are just constantly rushing around.  My recommendations are:
– make yourself a priority & get to the gym to workout your stress
– shorten your regular workout time with a quick routine or class
– throw in a 15 minute chair massage to get pampered

Between Thanksgiving and New Year’s, the average person gains 5 lbs!  Are you average?  Would you rather be above average?!  Begin a new tradition this Holiday season, and fit into your clothes all season long with these recommendations: 
– drink water all day and have a snack before you go to your next Holiday party
– cut out soda & all unnecessary sugars…… in other words, don’t eat any crap!
– make 1 plate of bite size samples – no seconds

3.  DEPRESSION  The Holiday Blues are nothing new.  Millions of people suffer from them at this time of year.  It takes some effort, but you can move past them.  Here are my recommendations:
– fill your calendar with at least one activity per week during the Holiday season to keep you active & in new environments
– get support from your friends, family, a coach or therapist for severe cases
– join a choir or caroling group and sing your way to feeln’ good!

And my final tip….. join me for the 12 Days of Fitmas to de-stress, keep fit & stay in Spirit!  Sign up here

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