This Week's RESET: Going For The Win

Did you catch the Superbowl? I did...... kind of, lol. Hey, I'll admit it, I just went for the party! There comes the time you just need to take a break and let loose... those are my favorite times.

I don't even know when the Panthers became a football team, and I'm pretty clueless on most of the plays, but I do love a good game! And, for me, it's always cool to see the athleticism of an "I can't believe he caught that!" catch. I suppose that is just the heart and inner drive from a gal who used to dive for the ball and end up in the mud during softball practice.

I'll bet you're a lot like me, and isn't just about saving it for the game - it's about your heart and soul being in it all the time. You don't have to try, it just is. And that feeling is in everything you do. That inner pride that makes you smile. Sure, it's nice when others notice those extra touches - every once in a while, someone will give you that compliment. It is just as gratifying when you can stand in the wings and watch others experience your magic touch, isn't it.


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