This Week's RESET: Can You Grow Up To Be President?

Presidents day

Would you vote for yourself?

Worthy Candidate
You have to be a worthy candidate to put yourself in the race. What does it take to be a worthy candidate? If you don't feel you're worthy, no one else will. Give yourself a moment to list the areas of your life you feel worthy..... or not.

Traits Of The Greats - Integrity, Strength, Diplomacy
Who is your favorite President? WHY? What are the traits that appeal to you? How did he serve? Do you have those same traits and level of service? Make a list of all the similarities you have with your favorite president. How do you measure up?

Can anybody really grow up to be President?!
What would it take to get you elected? Would you have to improve your level of commitment? How do you do under pressure? Do you need more charisma? Are you inspiring? What issues and causes do you care about? It's good to know where you stand - give yourself an 'honest Abe' and write out where you need to level up with a reset.

VOTE for 'YOU'... RESET and get the clarity and confidence you need to be the best leader you can be. Click here for your Presidents Day RESET Session

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