★Motivation Monday:  Is 2014 Your Wonderland?

★Motivation Monday: Is 2014 Your Wonderland?

    ★Motivation Monday:  Is 2014 Your Wonderland? ★How many rabbit holes have you fallen down this year If you're answer is none, cool on you!  What I'm hearing from a lot of people is, '2013 was a weird year.'  And from the depth of conversation, it is as if many of them fell down the 'rabbit hole' - pretty hard - and took some pretty strange courses in their life... because of past courses in their life. Not all adventures have soft landings Sometimes you have to 'unlearn, undo & unleash' before you make your next transition.  Change isn't always easy, especially when you're on 'automatic pilot' and you aren't even aware of it.  Start to notice the impulses your body has and the way it can go into action, without even having to think about it. Perfect example?  Dialing the phone.  For the life of you, you can't recite your friend's number, but you can dial it.  That's the close association of the mind/body in action...... 'wiring & firing' - either together...
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★Motivation Monday:  Know You Are Loved

★Motivation Monday: Know You Are Loved

    ★Motivation Monday:  Know You Are Loved What a fantastic Birthday week.... it's been fun, fun, fun & definitely left me feeling loved!  Bold efforts to 'Rock my Higher Vibe' are kickn' in at an all time high, and I'm looking forward to a kick ass year :) Too many late nights left me with a low resistance, and BAM!  I'm left  with a bit of a cold.  I thought I was past it yesterday, as I was able to get out and do some Holiday shopping.... today was a different story. I've slept in intervals since early this morning and got up really late - for me.  The only thing I've moved for today is when my friend Dean Jones & her boyfriend David stopped by with a Birthday cake.  Unfortunately I had to cancel out of the dinner they were taking me to. My afternoon has been resting on my day bed, watching 'This Is It' by Michael Jackson.  What a...
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★Motivation Monday: We are constantly invited to be what we are

    ★Motivation Monday: We are constantly invited to be what we are   Have you ever felt like you were living a double life? There are things that you say...... and you don't say. The things that you keep to yourself - death, illness, emotional turmoil, unhappiness, abuse, failures - the list goes on and on.  You don't feel like anyone wants 'to hear it' or comment on it, so you stay silent.  Eventually it all creates a life of it's own. What kind of repercussion does all this silence have? Weight issues, accidents and chronic pain are common.  Some people develop migraines, teeth grinding, psoriasis or hair loss - all stresses on the body.  Some of these stresses turn into more serious maladies. We are constantly invited to be what we are Who are you ready to be - pain free?  Leave your comment below How can you step out of pain cycles and begin living your life more fully, without pain?  For starters, break the silence. ...
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★Motivation Monday:  What does your Awesome look like?!

★Motivation Monday: What does your Awesome look like?!

★Motivation Monday: What does your Awesome look like?! What does your Awesome look like ? Everyone has a day here & there where they don't feel at their best. It could be you feel a little sad, or just not 'all there.' You could be feeling a little dip in confidence, a little overwhelmed by work, your kids or a relationship. You could be cycling through the same issue for the 'umpteenth time' You could be thinking about all the things you'd like to get done, but don't have the time for. Whatever gets you down, how do you get up? Leave a comment below...... Sometimes I'll ask a client what makes them feel awesome and they really have to think about it. They can tell me what pisses them off in a second, but they often times have to think about their Awesome Factor. I'm going to help you cut to the chase and narrow down a couple of ways you can go...
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