Energize & Transform….. Just Breathe!  [RYL TV Episode #2]

Energize & Transform….. Just Breathe! [RYL TV Episode #2]

Energize & Transform..... Just Breathe! [RYL TV Episode #2] Here's the thing... every time you stress yourself out, you're affecting your whole system. You're probably unaware of it because you're so sucked into what's at hand. You're distracted. stressin' & ain't payin' attention - no bueno! Quick, what do you do?! Don't give into the chaos.... the traffic, the co-worker, the kids - whatever it is that seems chaotic at the moment. Center yourself. Just pull back, and start breathing. ENERGIZE YOURSELF.... START BREATHING! Once you bring yourself into awareness, it becomes that easy. Snap! - instant Transformation. Now you're ready to Rock and step back in with the kids, the co-worker, traffic.. whatever it was and just be part of the Soulution. There isn't any need to get spun out. The situation doesn't dictate to you - you feed the situation with your energy. It's up to you to decide if you want to give it something delectable and have a party...
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“I used to…. “

 I USED TO...... Do you know how many people start off their Discovery Sessions with that statement? "I used to...." Have time to exercise Have more money Sleep better Go out more Love my work more Be able to touch my toes You get the picture.  You may have even said some of these things, or have a few of your own.  Before you know it, a couple years go by and you're "I used to'n" yourself all over the place.  I was recently at a middle school graduation and the 14 year old valedictorian said, "I hear when you get older, time really flies. That's scary! Make the most of your time now, while you're young."  Out of the mouths of babes, lol. Well, now "you're a little bit older and a lot more bolder than you used to be."  How can a busy person keep it all going when they have so many demands on their time? To get out of the "shudda, wudda, cudda" syndrome...
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