★ROCK STAR MONDAY★: CAROLE KING [easyrotator]erc_43_1364234411[/easyrotator] Carole King is one of the greats. She has produced 25 albums, garnered 4 Grammy's, and got into the Rock'n'Roll Hall of Fame. As a songwriter, she wrote over 2 dozen hits for various artists with partner, Gerry Goffin. Her best selling ablum is Tapestry , which topped the charts for over 15 weeks. It held the record for 20 years as the record having the most weeks at #1 for a female artist. Whitney Houston broke that record with The Bodyguard soundtrack, and Adele is the current #1 with 21. Carole was one of the most popular women in music in the 70s. Her autobiography, "A Natural Woman: A Memoir", entered the NYT best seller list at #6. A true success with over 118 Billboard top hits that she either wrote or co-wrote, King claims "I'm a songwriter first." She is also an actor and environmental activist. You've Got a Friend Yes, you can count me as...
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★ROCK STAR MONDAY★: BRUNO MARS I just love this guy! Bruno Mars is so much fun - he has fantastic energy, and he's really been spinning out some great songs for the past couple years. He's super talented.... he definitely Rocks his Genius..... he sings, dances, writes, and plays several instruments. Did you see him on the Grammy's? He led an awesome tribute to Bob Marley! I love you just the way you are Don't try to fix yourself.  There comes a point where you need some change in your life.... you outgrow things, people & yourself.  It doesn't mean you need to be fixed! It just means there's more of you to share - with yourself and others. So, you take a look and see where in your life you'd like to see things happening. It may just be some minor tweaking, it may be more than that. For the 'more than that', know I'm always here for that, and reach out...
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★ROCK STAR MONDAY★: ROBERT PLANT     [easyrotator]erc_74_1362610348[/easyrotator]   In 1966 Robert Plant left home, left college, left work and turned professional singer. In 1967 he formed the Band of Joy with John Bonham and created two working partnerships. Stairway to Heaven In early 68, Plant’s psychedelic dream ran out of steam. He was recommended to Jimmy Page for a revised Yardbirds lineup. Plant recommended Bonham and with John Paul Jones, the 4 created and created; not a reworked Yardbirds but a new sound that rocked the world. Led Zeppelin became the biggest thing in the sky and the biggest thing to crash across the world arenas taking with them millions of listeners who wore out every one of their albums. Andrea recollects: “When Zeppelin came to town, to Madison Square Garden, 73 and 74, I was there, inhaling every bit of the atmosphere around me, onstage, and with my companions. Several of them spoke no English yet new exactly what they were hearing from the stage....
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★ROCK STAR MONDAY★: STEPPENWOLF   When their song, 'Born to Be Wild' was featured in the movie Easy Rider, Steppenwolf was hailed as one of the first heavy metal bands. Their sound was hard driving and their lyrics reflected the political turmoil of the time. Edgy and emotional, their music still resonates with people all over the world. Born to Be Wild Love - love yourself enough to own your reality. Let your hair hang down, let your freak flag fly high. Pursue the 'wild' side of you that is a lover of life and willing to explore and take risks. Check out your wild frontier and dig for your gold... first in your heart, and then in the world. Once you get rock solid in yourself, your inner world will meet your outer world and incredible things will happen in your life. Freedom - give yourself the room to roam in your body, mind and heart. Be at ease with yourself and allow...
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Hank Moody & His Screamn’ Demons

Hank Moody - Loveable 'Hot Mess' Full of Screamn' Demons Hank Moody is as hot, sexy and messy as his dusty 91 Porsche 964 Cabriolet. With one headlight smashed, it illuminates the danger and recklessness of Hank. Wearing standard dark jeans, black tee, pilot shades and boots, he is the epitome of 'hot mess' loaded with Screamn' Demons. He plows through every situation with wry humor and a smile, Try as he may, his demons are clawing there way through the shallowness to reveal the depth of his soul. He just can't seem to shake them. He is as broken as the bottles he smashes on walls and as empty and desolate as Venice Beach at 330 in the morning Raw, unabashed 'hot mess'........ that's Hank Moody.  Although he jabs at his circle of admirers, he knows he's a fuck up and sometimes works at making it off the floor.  Like many with a 'hot mess' syndrome, there's some kind of comfort zone...
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