How can you live an authentic & courageous life?

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In this episode, Christopher Rausch, creator of the Kick-Ass Guide To Life joins us to share his story of adversity and triumph in going from homeless to home owner. A 7th grade drop-out, Christopher is a self made man who went on to earn a Master’s degree, own 2 homes and a successful business and marry the love of his life!

Find out how he did it – he bares all in this episode of Rock Your Life TV….
– his wake up call as a teen
– his journey from victim to victor
– his magnificent rise to motivator
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About Christopher Rausch: Christopher is passionate about helping people overcome their self-created adversity. His mission is to share his incredible passion about personal development with the entire globe… to make everyone consider their TRUE potential no matter where they are in life!

He has a no B.S. attitude coupled with a big heart and offers kickass professional speaking, business consulting, and limited one-on-one coaching programs.

Christopher is grateful for his success and believes deeply in giving back to his community. In his spare time, he mentors at-risk kids from the Olive Crest Children’s Foundation and loves anything related to music and cars. Find out more at http://rockyourlife/KICKASS

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