Jump for Joy, Jump for Happiness, Jump for your Health!

Tip 1:  Keep your rope hanging to avoid raveling
Tip 2:  Measure your rope by standing on it and holding the handles under your armpits.
If they fit, you have the right length.  Adjust accordingly.
Tip 3:  Hold the end of the handles for good control
Tip 4:  Your jump is only 1-2 inches off the floor
Tip 5:  Alternate between two basic moves – propellar and figure 8 for cadence/timing
Tip 6:  Use the Figure 8 to JUMP in and to transition
Tip 7:  You don’t have to kill it.  Keep a light kick, jump or march in place
Tip 8:  Jump on a soft surface – grass, wood floor


It’s fun, it’s playful, it’s engaging!

Amplify your Energy with a little roping throughout your day!  Roping saves time & space and is a super quick pick-me-up.  A few quick, short bursts throughout your day will benefit you mind, body & soul.  My clients love it when I throw something in their routine like ball throwing or roping.  It’s fun, it’s playful, it’s engaging…… and it gets your heart rate up like nobody’s business! 

A couple of quick cardio bursts a day are a good way to change your energy, rev your heart rate & burn some calories.  The freedom of movement in roping is especially good if you’re tied into a computer, driving, carrying your kids or a lot of shopping.

Being someone who doesn’t do a lot of impact due to 3 knee surgeries, I find I am able to modify the roping technique enough to make it manageable and effective.  It’s just so easy to grab my rope, turn on some music and knock out a few minutes in my living room…. and then get back to work Roping takes minimal space, and is quick & effective. JUMP!


Journal Entry
What has you Jumping for Joy this Holiday season?!!




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