Getchya self out there this season!

You want to look and feel your Best this season, don’t you?  Then stay on your exercise & nutrition program!!  I know, I know, you’ve got a ton of stuff to do, so…..
get in & get out with a quick cardio circuit
– stop by for a dance class
– grab your kids or a friend & do a little catching up on a brisk walk

Remember when you signed up and got some tips from me on nutrition?  Let’s revisit them………
     – sample what you want – in bite size portions
     – graze on raw veggies & a handful of nuts
     – cut out the simple sugar like sodas, candy, etc.
     – keep to a 1 drink minimum…. mixed drinks & wine calories add up too
     – SOCIALIZE!  Make your party about having fun & greeting people
Did you know people get depressed more during this season than any other?  During the Holidays,, many people get hit pretty hard with bouts of depression, ranging from mild to severe.  Speaking from experience, it ain’t fun.  What do you do if you’re someone who gets blue?  First off, realize you have a choice – a choice to kick it.  You may go kicking & screaming, lol, but you can certainly get out there and mix & mingle. 
It may take some effort, depending on your situation.  You are worth the effort!  Be sure to enlist support where needed.  I know how hard it is to try to be festive when you feel like shit.  I also know being out of your own environment and being active is a key factor in beating your depression.  You may not be 100%, but you’re out there.  And that goes a long way in feeding you – body, mind & soul.
Next, have a little heart to heart with yourself.  Tap into your heart and feel love.  It’s there, just waiting for you.  Call upon your friends for moral support. Review some of our words so far….. Celebrate, Warmth, Dream.  Where do those words resonate for you?  Let your mind & body expand, and feel them.  Let life come back to the areas that have held pain, and find something Positive to focus on.  Piece by piece, let your body, mind and soul experience renewal.  Let your heart sing a little, Breathe into your Present moment, and leave your funk behind…….. as best you can!
Are you someone who is upbeat?  We need you!!  Spread your Cheer, spread your Joy, spread your Love.  You never know who’s day you’re going to make :0
Some fun ways to Socialize during the Holdiays…..
– Get your friends together for a brunch for some Holiday cheer
– Have a baking party.  Everyone comes with their best recipe & everyone goes home with a mixed bag of cookies!

– My friends Krista & Steve are hosting a ‘Caroling & Cider by the Tree’ get together… wish it was closer 🙂


Journal Entry
If money were no object, and you could host 25 of your fav people – what kind of Holiday bash would you throw?

The term ‘Get Yer Ya Ya’s’ comes from one of the great rock’n’roll bands, The Rolling Stones.  In my opinion, their best music is on Exile on Main Street.  Although these songs are not part of this original album, they’re some of my favs 🙂  P
Shake Your Hips
Rip This Joint
It’s Only Rock N’ Roll
Get Off Of My Cloud
Start Me Up



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