“The real fun, the true abundance, is in the art of giving brilliantly and having a ball doing it.” ~ Soleira Green


One of the biggest Gifts you can GIVE yourself, is your Health.  As you take action steps to Nourish and Renew, I urge you to make your Health a priority.  I’m sure you’ve heard the adage, ‘if you have your Health, you have everything.’  Speaking from personal experience, I can attest to that.  Take a moment to write out some goals focusing on your Health. 

Here are a few  prompts to get you going…..
– This year (2014), I would like to ______ (physical challenge) – hike Machu Picchu, surf Costa Rica, bike Napa
– In 2014, I would like to gain strength mentally, physically & emotionally by optimizing my health with ______
– It’s time to make a brand new start!  Beginning with _______
I will read _____ (self help book collecting dust)
I will pencil myself in _____ days for a minimum of 30 minutes of excercise

Often when you think of GIVE, you think of being in service….. and I encourage you to volunteer whenever possible.  However, while being in service is noble and necessary, you must first give to yourself first.  Learn the power of true giving, and receive.

To insure that you get at least one present you absolutely love,
buy it yourself…. if you don’t believe you deserve it, no one else will!

Journal Entry

If I could GIVE myself one thing, it would be the Gift of ______




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