What have you done to get here?!  Celebrated, shared Warmth, Hydrated, Dreamed,
Breathed, Jumped, Socialized, Chillaxed & Alivened.
Coolio!   I’d say you’re pretty lined up to
NOURISH yourself 🙂


 I have a request of you.  Begin to take notice of what you put into your body, your life, your thoughts, your actions.
Notice how you move, breathe, receive, eat, exercise, motivate, emote.  Are you stagnant or sluggish anywhere?

How do you feed yourself physically, mentally, spiritually?  What nourishes your confidence, esteem, gratitude,
sensuality, power, energy?

And most of all, what are you doing to feed your Love?  The Love that ALIVENS you to all that’s around you.
The energetic pulse that amplifies your energy into a live wire.  The ribbon that unravels as you travel,
leaving everything in a nice bow.  That deep breath you take in exhileration.  That smile that brings Life
to your every thought.

Think beyond maintaining a body.  Take time to select and prepare the food you eat to fuel your body.
The fuel that ALIVENS you – opening you to all your senses.  Allowing you to fly at your highest
altitude, open
to all possibility.

 Feed yourself into Be-ing.


 Journal Entry

Right now, I sink into my being, to let my cells expand, to feed the Life within me.
I smile, and write………….



©12 Days of Fitmas Created and Produced by Paula D’Andrea Dec 2011.  All rights reserved.

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