I know, it’s a flat day compared to yesterday, lol.  It can’t be my birthday everyday, but we can be inspired every day.  And our inspiration today is……..  EXERCISE!!  Seriously, how could we have 12 Days of Fitmas without that word!  And we might as well jump on it from the get go so we can all keep lookn’ good & stay loose.

You know what it’s about now?  Getting it in.  Keeping it simple.  Giving yourself time for you.

Let’s face it, one way or another from Thanksgiving on, the rest of the year is pretty much screwed.  So let’s think about this for a second.  You’re getting pulled in 20 different directions, you’re running on fumes, some of the stuff you’re doing, you don’t want to do……. and I can hear my friend Lisa sayin’, “how is this different from my day to day?”, and I get it.  Some of you are in this mode daily.

The million $ questions is, ‘what do I do?!’  It’s a free for all, and you’ve definitely gotta set your priorities straight.  And you are a Priority.  That’s what this whole 12 days is about.  You.  Keep your stress levels down, keep up a routine, give some time to you, renew, lighten up. 

Move.  Every day.  No excuses, no complaints.  I don’t care if you stand in place in jump up & down or blast your music and dance for 12 minutes.  Shake a tail featha!  Seriously.  I can Alternative 80s myself the fuck out, and so can you!  If you have time, jump in on a dance class 🙂

Should you have time to do more….. make it count – max your cardio and weights.  In a time crunch, I’d take a hard core circuit over cardio any day.
What you’re hitting:  all the major body parts – legs, chest, back, shoulders, arms
How:  30-60 second timed intervals if you’re at home; max rep if you’re at the gym
Give yourself:  20-30 minutes
Cardio:  amp it up for 15-25 minutes
Routine:  squats (w/front raise), flys, db pulldowns, bicep curl, tricep overhead extension
*If you have any questions, hit me up in the FB group
** FYI – I’ll be doing a 31 day program in January to help you focus on goals, mindset, nutrition & exercise

EXERCISE BONUS:  If you’re really pressed for time, simplify my GIMME 50 Challenge by doing one round of squats, pushups, abs.  You cover everything and it’ll prep you to complete the whole challenge in January! (hint, hint)

There you have it.  Do something every day to stay in motion….. yoga, walk, weights – whatever it takes!

Journal Entry
What I love most about my body is…..


©12 Days of Fitmas Created and Produced by Paula D’Andrea Dec 2011.  All rights reserved.



©12 Days of Fitmas Created and Produced by Paula D’Andrea Dec 2011.  All rights reserved.

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