Are you tired of spinning your wheels
during the holidays?



 Are you getting bogged down with the hustle & bustle of the Holidays?
Give yourself a time out with the 12 Days of Fitmas

Tap into the Joy of You this Holiday season with 12 Days of Fitmas

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Obligatory visiting & shopping, wracking your brain for the perfect gift, 'staying in tradition'.  How would you like to Nourish Your Soul this season instead?  I was journaling this morning and really taking in the Holiday Spirit....


 The Joy

The Peace

The Purity

The Magic

The Wonder


Capture all of that in your Heart and experience the true Essence of this Holiday season.


It is with this feeling, this expression, that we'll celebrate 12 Days of Fitmas.  You will receive a daily inspiration to experience expansion in your body, your mind, your soul.  Whatever part of the season you pick it up in, you'll receive 12 days of celebration, renewal, birth, joy and all that the season has to offer!


We may practice different beliefs, but we all believe in the same thing - Love.  With Love, you find Peace.  With Peace, you find Freedom.  Freedom to live fully as you are meant to be - in sync with your feelings, your bodies, your thoughts, your connection to ourselves and others.


This holiday season, take a break from shopping, baking & running around, and join me to put a few moments of nourishment, renewal and love into your day.  Join the event of the season, and spread the cheer with your friends!


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The live event is over, this is a rebroadcast.  Vlogs only.

Just to let you know.... I can be naughty & I can be nice.  I've got pearls of wisdom, sometimes loaded with expletives, sometimes not.

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