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We are constantly invited to be what we are



Have you ever felt like you were living a double life?

There are things that you say…… and you don’t say. The things that you keep to yourself – death, illness, emotional turmoil, unhappiness, abuse, failures – the list goes on and on.  You don’t feel like anyone wants ‘to hear it’ or comment on it, so you stay silent.  Eventually it all creates a life of it’s own.

What kind of repercussion does all this silence have? Weight issues, accidents and chronic pain are common.  Some people develop migraines, teeth grinding, psoriasis or hair loss – all stresses on the body.  Some of these stresses turn into more serious maladies.

We are constantly invited to be what we are
Who are you ready to be – pain free?  Leave your comment below

How can you step out of pain cycles and begin living your life more fully, without pain?  For starters, break the silence.  Break the ‘code’ you’ve bound yourself by.  It doesn’t have to be publicly – it can be in private, with or without support.  Stand in your power by giving a voice to your pain, in writing or recorded, using an audio or video device. I call this version of my coaching program ‘True Confessions.’

Use the Integrity & Intelligence of your body to guide you
Allowing yourself to be brutally honest with yourself will begin the movement of old trapped energy out of your body, and bring you back into connection with your heart and soul.  Let your body ‘talk to you’ and give you the information it’s been storing all these years… manifesting itself as chronic back, neck or knee pain.

Your body is screaming at you to take your life back – are you ready to listen?!
This is your time to step fully into your life – without pain.

You’ve been censoring yourself for a reason – why?
Who can you be once you’ve broken through your barriers and freed up your energy?
What part of you is waiting to live without limits?

Get started with a Timeline exercise
One of the first things I have my clients do is make a timeline of their pain.  Often times when you live with something so long, you forget where it came from.  The timeline will help jog your memory and begin tracing your pain back to the origin.  It can then serve as a point of reference to start addressing and move you out of pain.

Are you ready to begin living pain free?  When contacting me for a Body Rock Breakthrough Session, I’d ask you to please take the time to do this exercise.  It will make our complimentary 30 minute session more effective to give you the mini breakthrough or AHA you need to begin living a life without pain.  

Be who you really are, without pain, and really begin to Rock Your Life!

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PAULA D’ANDREA – Transformation Specialist

After an outstanding career as one of L.A.’s top fitness trainers, Paula D’Andrea is Rocking her role as a Transformation Specialist. Paula has taken her knowledge of the body to a deeper level with her Body Rock Breakthrough Program. Using her strong intuitive skills, personal experience in healing her own body and years of practical learning, she is now guiding her clients out of long term, cyclical pain to live more vibrant, dynamic lives.


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  • My family has called me “Princess and the Pea” for years, because they believe I’m ultra tuned into my body. e.g. I can tell my eye doctor when he will or won’t change prescriptions even when the change is very slight. I had a period in my life where I tuned that all out though. I was doing exactly what you talk about here, hiding parts of me — big parts of me. (ahh, Corporate Life how I don’t miss you.) I was so stressed out that I went emotionally numb to everything. After a few years of that, the pain hit hard when I finally tuned back in! I love your exercise of time tracking the pain. That is an awesome way to start unraveling and facing the traumas.

    • Stephanie, I am probably just as ‘highly aware’ as you 🙂
      I’m always amazed by the levels of depth and perception I have in my body.
      Sooo happy you left your corporate job & began ‘working your lifestyle’ – yay!

      The Pain Timeline is awesome, Steph. It’s really giving yourself a time out to reflect
      to begin the healing process. Often times, even after filling out a medical history form,
      \I’d find my clients wouldn’t remember ‘flare ups’ and previous accidents. Then they’d
      dive into working with me, and be like, ‘oh yeah, by the way…’ – so I began having them
      fill out a Pain Timeline.

      This way, we can really trace things back to their origin. For
      anyone in pain, it’s a great first step. With my clients, I then take them deeper into
      their ‘story’ to flush all the thoughts, behaviors, old energy so we can rewrite a new
      story & send them into a new style of living… without pain!

      Thanks so much for sharing your experience Stephanie.
      Best Wishes for continued good health & success! Paula

  • Like Vatsala, my right hand/wrist often remind me that perhaps it’s time to take a break from the computer.
    I know, when stressed, our bodies certainly have a way of telling us it’s time to back down and give it a rest. And, it’s a good idea to listen to them or as you said, “the body will turn up the volume.”

  • I admit that I forget about Time when captivated by an idea and bringing it to Life, My body is a great friend but practices tough love. My wrist starts to hurt – the way it does when one has carpal tunnel syndrome. I’ve had that in the past and the pain acts as a reminder that I must stay mindful to the requirements and duties of my full life, not just the inspirational moments. Thanks for bringing up the topic, Paula.

    • I’m happy to hear you listen to those little ‘nudges’ your body gives you when you’re working hard, Vatsala 🙂
      What happens when you don’t listen? Your body turns up the volume! Good on you for staying in tune

      Thank you so much for your comment. Best Wishes, Paula

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