In 1966 Robert Plant left home, left college, left work and turned professional singer.
In 1967 he formed the Band of Joy with John Bonham and created two working partnerships.

Stairway to Heaven
In early 68, Plant’s psychedelic dream ran out of steam. He was recommended to Jimmy Page for a revised Yardbirds lineup. Plant recommended Bonham and with John Paul Jones, the 4 created and created; not a reworked Yardbirds but a new sound that rocked the world. Led Zeppelin became the biggest thing in the sky and the biggest thing to crash across the world arenas taking with them millions of listeners who wore out every one of their albums.

Andrea recollects: “When Zeppelin came to town, to Madison Square Garden, 73 and 74, I was there, inhaling every bit of the atmosphere around me, onstage, and with my companions. Several of them spoke no English yet new exactly what they were hearing from the stage. They were hearing the siren call of something felt deep in the belly or the soul, take your pick, and showing up in the guttural growls, the joyous shrieks, the loving caresses of a voice playing with the ancient combination of music, emotion and the body that brings it forth.”

Do you listen to your own music? Do you feel what your own gut is telling you, about you and where you must go next to keep nourishing the deep, unshakable sense of who you are? What is your voice saying to the world every day? Let it out there!
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All of My Love
In 1977 when Robert’s young son, Karac, died of a virus infection he poured his grief into a song “All My Love” which appeared on Led Zepp’s last album. His strength, his voice, were his ‘stairway’ to every emotion he felt and needed to communicate – tortured, happy, erotic. It didn’t matter. Plant’s voice is his connection, both inward and out.

Are you using yours fully? Do you only bring it out when it looks pretty, has something easy and pleasant to say? The world of your peers, your students, need to know how your own take, how your own experience can ease their way, can lead them to new songs to sing and to question what they swallow without a digestive chew.

Going to California
While the Led Zeppelin era ended in 1980 when drummer John Bonham died, Plant has put his wide – ranging musical fascination to use on solo albums. His performances have reflected his embrace of West Coast psychedelic rock, roots blues, African music, and traditional folk.

It’s 2013 and music lovers of all kinds are still hanging on every word Robert Plant sings, chants or howls; we’re still swaying in a trance to music he made nearly 50 years ago with the incomparable Led Zeppelin, or just five years ago with the ethereal Alison Krauss and today with roots singer Patty Griffin. Still acknowledged as the golden god of 70s arena rock or pursuer and presenter of today’s world music, Plant is as vital now as any alchemist who longs to combine old elements to create something new the world has yet to see yet will instantly crave.

Through all these years, he’s remained really curious. Not content to reconstruct one of the most successful bands in the history of rock or even to stay with a particular sound for long, Plant has unquenchable thirst for music where ever it can be heard on the planet.

Do you keep yourself open to new ways to see and filter all the internal data you possess? All the bits and pieces that float in and out, some getting stuck for years or some hiding until they seem to match the exterior world in which you live. It’s all in there, all in you; so much to draw on, so much power to mine for new combinations, a knew awakening, a new fascination with just a slight shift to the left or right.

“Are you ready to climb your Stairway to Heaven with a Whole Lotta Love?”

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Ramble On
Here’s how Plant describes the experience of building a new album named for one of his first 60s bands, Band of Joy: “when I was 17, I was playing everybody else’s stuff and moving it around, and it’s kind of time to re-invoke that attitude and sentiment.” Plant’s overwhelming impulse was to make the music his own “I wanted to bring my personality to other people’s songs and kick the door open a little bit. I mean basically I sing the way I sing and attack those songs in that particular way, I can only do them Plant-like.”

You can only do it like you, too and celebrate what that is. It’s great to be open to others’ voices, their sense of rightness and authority; it will open you to new possibilities, more possible outcomes. But, bottom line: no one will ever do it exactly the way you will; no one’s spin will match your own spiraling outwards, like a nautilus, taking in more and more of what’s out there yet growing in parallel with that first coil in your inner gut.


★In 2011 readers of Rolling Stone magazine named Robert Plant best rock singer – ever

★Legendary Blues Artist, Willie Dixon wrote “You Shook Me” & “I Can’t Quit You Baby“, both on Zep’s 1st album

★ABBA owned Polar Studios, on a tiny island in Stockholm, Sweden where “In Through The Out Door” was recorded.  The album was release 8.15.79 and was their last before the death of drummer, John Bonham.

★Keith Moon inspired the band’s name.  The ‘a’ was left out of Led so Americans wouldn’t mispronounce it

★The song, Black Dog, was titled after a stray lab who kept wandering in & out of Headley Grange studio where Zep was recording Led Zeppelin IV


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  • Loved this especially since I just saw Robert Plant & Patty Griffin on Kauai. They were at the restaurant I was at one night and then they stayed upstairs from me in the condo on the ocean. I didn’t get to meet them in person though, but it was fun to know they were my neighbors.
    I love Plant’s comment “I mean basically I sing the way I sing and attack those songs in that particular way, I can only do them.”
    It’s a good reminder to beat to our own drums.
    Thanks. ~Debra

    • Kauai is such a magical place to begin with…… how wonderful to add this Rock Star moment!
      Thanks for sharing Debra 🙂

      And thank you for picking up on his quote – where would the world be if we didn’t have more people
      beating their own drums. 3 cheers for Entrepreneurs!

      Rock ya self out ~ Paula

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