Jack Johnson was born and raised in Hawaii.  His father Jeff Johnson, was a well known surfer.  Following in his father’s footsteps, Jack began surfing when he was 5.  He was good enough to get sponsored by Quicksilver and was the youngest surfer to get invited to the Pipeline Masters at age 17.  Even though he began teaching himself to play the guitar at 14, and writing songs at 16, he wasn’t thinking music.  He was on the track of pro surfer.  That track ended when he hit a reef during the Masters.  He almost drowned, broke his nose and required 150 stitches.  His next path was film school.  Jack went to UC Santa Barbara, studied film and made films on……. you guessed it!  Surf movies.  🙂  

He was still strumming his guitar, but he was focused on making films, and made 2 documentaries, ‘Thicker Than Water’ and ‘The September Session.’  Even though he provided the soundtracks, he was still focused on film.  That changed when he met musician G. Love, who sought him out for surfing lessons.  Turns out, G. Love would record one of his songs and pass his info to manager J.P. Plunier and started his recording career. 

What he says about his music…… “The kind of music I make I think is best at barbecues and road trips.”

If you were a singer/songwriter, what kind of events/situation  would your music fit?
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Jack Johnson shares his success with causes he believes in.  He and his wife Kim (childhood sweetheart), created the Johnson Ohana Charitable Foundation.  It supports the children of Hawaii and environmental causes.  Ohana means family, and Johnson is definitely a family man.  He lives in Hawaii with his family and keeps his kids out of the spotlight.  Jack is definitely Rockn’ a Higher Vibe and adding his Hum to the World with his generosity.  His concert proceeds support his foundation, and he’s always up for donating money or his music to help a cause close to his heart. 

Your Inner
★Rock Star

Be True, Be Cool
‘Sitting, Wishing, Waiting’   
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Rock Your Sweet Emotion
‘Upside Down’   
When your emotion is getting the best of you, it can feel like you’re Upside Down.  You’re out of sorts, irritable, hurt and just looking for your way out.  When you’ve got the same things spinning you out, over and over, you can experience a lot of overwhelm and frustration.  Bust your cycle with a Discovery Session.   In 20 minutes, you can turn yourself right side up.  Sign up now, click here

Live Without Limits
‘To The Sea’
 You are the ocean…. yeah, you’re that big.  And like the sea, you are limitless – fully expansive…. past the horizon.  Give yourself a clean slate and live each day with more vigor and focus to bring your dreams into reality.  Comments? Leave’em below

Rock a Higher Vibe
In Between Dreams‘  
When  live your dreams, you flow.  You are your inner Rock Star.  You’re in a place of bliss, always Rockn’ your Higher Vibe.  Share your light and add to the hum of the world. Your light will shine for someone else. How do you spread your light? Leave a comment below

Kick Some Ass
On and On
You will go on and on, Rockn’ out your life when you’ve pulled all your resources together.  Kick some serious ass & unleash in the world. All systems are go & the Universe is yours – go for it!! Rock your Super Hero
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Jack Johnson TRIVIA

2006 Nominated for a Grammy – Best Pop Male Vocal – for ‘Sitting, Waiting, Wishing’

★’Sleep Through The Static’  Johnson’s 4th album was recorded with 100% solar energy at the Plastic Plant studio in Los Angeles

★2006 Brit Awards – International Breakthrough Artist
★2010  Jack went on a World Tour with Hawaiian vocalist, Paula Fuga 

Rock ya self out!

Paula D’Andrea is a Rock’n’Roll Alchemist who has overcome her
own ‘Screamn’ Demons’…….. Rockn’ several near death experiences,
3 knee surgeries, family loss and financial ruin, to come back on top
and work with some of the most entertaining people on the planet.

When you work with Paula, either as a client or business partner,
you can count on her having your back. She is charismatic,
candid, bold & knows her shit – true Rock Star material herself.
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