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This week in ★ROCK STAR MONDAY★: IGGY POP….. ‘The Godfather of Punk’



James Newell Osterberg, Jr was born on April 21, 1947 in Muskogen, Michigan.  Like many of our RSM artists, his musical influence began early. He played drums for The Iguanas in high school and became known as ‘Iggy’. Also true to form of other RSM artists, Iggy dropped out of college to pursue his love of music. He began playing blues while attending the Unversity of Michigan, and moved to Chicago to learn more about the blues. As a drummer, he adopted the name ‘Iggy’ and formed his first band, The Psychedelic Stooges. Iggy was a huge Doors/Jim Morrison fan and was fascinated by Morrison’s antics to push the edge on stage. He decided to take it further….. and he did. Iggy is credited with taking the first stage dive in Detroit.

The Stooges performed from 1968 – 1975 amidst controversy, drug problems and fights. Iggy met David Bowie at Max’s Kansas City, NYC in 1971. Bowie became an immediate fan. He tried to fix Pop’s drug problems and help him put his band back together. Death of a band member to alcoholism, egos, and fighting led to the demise of The Stooges, with their last concert ending in a brawl with a biker gang (recorded on their album). Bowie did not give up on his friend and took him on Station to Station tour, saw him through several rehabs and recorded 3 of his songs successfully to give Iggy some handsome royalties.

Lust For Life
Iggy moved to Germany with David Bowie to kick drugs. Bowie stuck by his ‘hot mess‘ friend and together they made Iggy’s albums ‘The Idiot’ and ‘Lust for Life.’ When David Bowie recorded ‘China Girl’, ‘Tonight’ and ‘Sister Midnight’, he raked in royalties for Iggy. Iggy Pop used his adversity to be truthful in song and spin out one of the most recognizable and widely used songs around the world. Lust for Life has had global success and has been widely used in film and commercials. Do you have good friends that stick by you – through thick and thin? What collaborations do you have that have been rewarding for you?

Real Wild Child
Iggy Pop has gone on to Rock his ‘hot mess’ into Success. Still a Real Wild Child without the drugs, he has appeared in over 16 films, a few video games and 4 documentaries. He is a spokesperson for products around the world, and his songs have been featured in 18 films. With his Screamn’ Demons in check, he has gotten back on top of the music scene, performing around the world. He sang Real Wild Child on the 10th season of American Idol with his magnetically scary drive. He also delivered pop star, Kesha’s song, ‘Dirty Love.’ When you’ve got drive, desire and some friends to pull you through, you can do anything.

What’s your Lust for Life? Leave your comment below…….

Madonna (RSM 42) refused to perform when she was inducted to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in 2008, she refused to perform unless The Stooges were inducted (they were in 2010). She had them peform instead, and they sang ‘Ray of Light’ & ‘Burning Up’. Iggy quoted ‘Like a Virgin’ to Madonna as he left the stage, saying, “You make me feel shiny and new, like a virgin, touched for the very first time.”
Iggy performed as prosecutor Vincent Bugliosi in the opera ‘The Manson Family’
Good friend, David Bowie covered his song, China Girl & a couple other songs, Rockn’ Iggy out in royalties
It is said, Iggy Pop was the 1st to stage dive
He had a Top 20 hit with the B-52s Kate Pierson with the song, ‘Candy’
Real Wild Child has been used as the theme music for the ABC’s late-night music video show Rage for the past 20 years


 Rock ya self out ~


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  • A 70-year old man who can still take his shirt off in public (and look good doing it) lives by well-crafted and well-deserved confidence. Iggy is a great role model who contradicts the Who’s wish “I hope I die before I get old”. Iggy’s got no plans to get ‘old’ – his mind and body are still limber and serving him well. Hail, hail rock ‘n’ roll!! (OK Paula – which of your subjects coined that phrase??)

    • Chuck Berry 🙂

      I agree, Iggy is still Rockn’ it out! He still has the Rock Rebel vibe & he’s livin’ it up.
      He’s definitely turned his youthful ‘hot mess’ into ‘Sr’ Success!
      Thanks Andrea!

  • Friends who believe in you are priceless, Paula! You can weather the roughest patches when someone ‘sees you,’ when you have momentarily lost your footing in the cosmic concert.

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