This edition is dedicated to my sister Lisa, and the 99 others who
perished along with her in the Station Night Club Fire Feb 20, 2003

May their Soul’s all be in flight, adding to the hum of our world – Godspeed


Henry Rollins is a musician, activist, actor, writer, radio DJ, spoken word artist and comedian. He was the lead singer for Black Flag, the Rollins Band, State of Alert and Wartime. His acting credits include Heat, Bad Boys II, Jackass: The Movie, Sons of Anarchy and The Paul Reiser Show.

He’s been working out since he was a teen, and grew into a buff body. He admits he was picked on quite a bit, and once he got some muscle, he was still regarded as ‘weird’, but left alone. Alone and with his work is where he spends most of his time. His engagement comes through his work and travel, and he is very interested in trying new things, anywhere in the world.

Life in a Back Pack
Henry is an avid traveler and encourages kids to grab a back pack and get out and see the world, because “there are lessons that you can’t get out of a book that are waiting for you at the other end of that flight”. After so much touring, he realized there were some places he’d never been, like Africa, so he said ‘why not’, and off he went. He’s written several books on this travels, including a photography book, Occupants.

Henry has a free spirit that sees him totally absorbed in his work, whether it be writing, acting or touring. He’s regards his travel bag & laptop amongst his greatest assets. He loves landing in a new places, and when asked what he’s doing there, his stock answer is, “I’m here to meet you.” He has a pretty simple philosophy that when you show genuine curiosity, confidence and show ‘due respect’, no matter where you are in the world, people get it.

Be Exceptional
Henry is all about ‘doing’, and goes full force, 150%. He puts everything into his work, body and mind. He dislikes boredom and is always eager to get into ‘stuff.’ Can you relate? Are you a doer? Would you rather been doing things than just talking about them? What is your work ethic like? Do you follow your heart and do the things that turn you on?

Henry has been an advocate for U.S. Human rights and toured with the USO. He speaks with a rapid pace as he relays his experiences and opinion. The comfort of the road, a keen mind and sense of adventure will have him expanding his mind, his heart and senses to take everyone along for the ride with him.
Enjoy the Adventure of your life, and take someone along for the ride.

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★Collaborated on a song with William Shatner called “I Can’t Get Behind That”
★Became a presenter for National Geographic in 2010
★Henry published his autobiography, “Get in the Van” in 1995
★Founder of publishing & record company, “2.13.61” (his birth date)
★Usually wears all black and lives in Hollywood, CA


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