Since the beginning of time, elixirs and tonics have been available as an aid to energize the body electric.  Alchemists have read the stars, plants and elements to infuse their magic into an ingestible compound to stir the soul and aliven the senses into being.  As a 3rd generation Alchemist, my genius allows me to guide people into their inner Rock Star…. the power residing in everyone to be one with the beat of their heart.

★Open your Creativity
★Ground yourself in Clarity
★Empower yourself in Conscious Living

Let your Rock Star out of the bottle

Live without limits
Rock a Higher Vibe
Kick some Ass!

With the help of Life Path Consultant, Katherine-Alexis Weygand, I’ve created ★ROCK STAR★.  KA’s customization for this essence will help you accelerate as you get on track lining up your inner Rock Star to compliment your body electric.  While you’re putting in all the effort to really Rock ya self out, ★ROCK STAR★ is at work bringing all your sh★t to the surface & dissolving it as energy to keep you focused and balanced.
**Rock Star contains 25% alcohol.
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11 Experts Ready to Rock You Out!

Are You Done Being a ‘Hot Mess’ & Wastin’ Time?!

As you get ready to reset your goals, there’s that one little thing that always gets in your way. 9 times outta 10, it isn’t even business related. It’s a little voice or an emotional trigger that fires off and leaves you stuck or spinning out of control. It’s something old… really old. It’s been with you forever. You may not even remember how you got so attached to this emotion that triggers you and keeps messin’ you up. But you’re sick of it. You want it gone. It’s bullshit, and you know it. When you really get down to it, it isn’t how you really want to live.
I know what it’s like to spin your wheels, to be frustrated…… to be so close, yet so far.

Get out of your own way – own The Ultimate Collection

  • The Ultimate Collection: 8 tracks of Double Shot Tuesday Expert Interviews, 3 tracks of Triple Shot Thursday Expert Interviews. The Best of the Best to keep you motivated & Rockn’ a High Vibe, all the time (11 MP3 downloads) + Over 20 VIP gifts and bonuses included!
  • 30 Minute Discovery Session with Paula D’Andrea: Your opportunity to Rock your ‘Hot Mess’!
    ★Identify the Screamn’ Demons that are holding you back
    ★Experience an energy shift and mini breakthrough
    ★Walk away with a Strategy for Rockn’ Success
  • Collector’s Edition: a special edition of Rock Star Monday with a private collection of my favorite artists & quotes (PDF download)

Regularly $97, yours for just $67

This Is Your Time To Come Out On Top




★ROCK STAR MONDAY★ features a different artist each week

            uniquely bringing you ROCKSPIRATION.  Find just the

            right amount of Rock, Zen & Trivia to get your week Rolln’!

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Every month you’ll get 2 new experts who will give you
the lowdown & steps to really Rock your life & biz.  These conversations are fun & content filled.  Join us live so you can get the answers to your questions answered on the spot.

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