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scarletletter_LargeWhat’s Your Scarlet Letter?



'Born' - Scarlet Star Studios'A' - Adulturer
You're probably very familiar with the book, The Scarlet Letter... maybe you read it in high school.  That may/may not be a long time ago for you - here's a little recap:
We have a heroine here, her name is Hester Prynne. Hester was publicly shamed for her 'sin' - having a child, Pearl, out of wedlock. (can you imagine!)  Publicly shamed for her sins - she is also forced to have it pinned to her chest - just in case someone in the town missed it.  Maybe it's for the out of towners.

Anyhoo, poor Hester is forced to endure the searing stigma of bearing her beloved child, Pearl, out of wedlock - the letter 'A' forever reminding her of her adulterous sin - outcast, shunned, isolated.


First of all, can you imagine living in 17th century Puritan Boston? Yikes! I think for sure, if I didn't make it to the religious freedom state of "Rogue's Island" (RI), I'd be burned at the stake. As someone reading this, you may have been right next to me!

How about you? Is your thinking so radical that it ruffles feathers?  You're reading this because you're a freedom lover, interested in being 'out there' and live life on your terms - healthy, visible & Rockn' your life.

Quiet Humility
There are times in your life you suffer quietly.... stuck in the dark - invisible.  You put yourself through your own private hell, and it looms so large, you feel like you've got your 'A' attached to your chest.  That everyone you come in contact with can feel your 'stigma' and the events of your life.... abuse, divorce, accidents, mental illness.

And there you go, swearing yourself to secrecy.  Hiding shame and embroiled in emotional turmoil..... emotional scars forever forming.... etching themselves into cells, behavior and thought.

What letter have you been wearing?
'D' - Depression...... 'O' - Overweight....... 'S' - Substance Abuser...... 'P' - Perfection....... 'U' - Unlovable...... 'C' - Crazy

You may be wearing your 'sin' .... caught in seductive cycles of unfaithful thoughts, false conclusions, deceitful behaviors and at times, unforgiving situations.  It may be showing up in your work, in your relationships, in your decisions. Most likely you feel it when your buttons are pushed or you're a little stressed. You could become slightly distracted and injure yourself or have an accident, deepening the connection in your body.  Even though you may have taken your letter off in your mind... is the 'searing stigma'  still living in your body?  In your cells? In your heart? 

'A' Game
There are 3 ways you can take yourself from 'Blame' to 'A Game'
1. Redeem:  Redeem your value.... find your Pearl.  Polish your gem and let your stigma be your saving grace.
Journal reflection:  What is the greatest gift your stigma has given you?

2. Rebrand:  Form a new identity - take off your 'Scarlet A' and trade it in for your 'A' game.
Journal reflection:  Who are you once you remove your letter.  How will you view your Pearl?

3. Refine:   Give yourself a fresh start and start playing your 'A' Game.
Journal reflection:  What can you do to polish your gem and keep it shining?

Get your Fresh Start......  Breakthrough to your Success.

Awareness allows you to experience a breakthrough.  It takes objectivity to help you with a new perspective.  I'm good at offering objectivity with new perspectives.  Join me for a session and get another step closer to living life on your terms..... with clarity and confidence.

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Paula D'Andrea - Transformation Specialist

After an outstanding career as one of L.A.'s top fitness trainers, Paula D'Andrea is Rocking her role as a Transformation Specialist. Paula has taken her knowledge of the body and mind to a deeper level. Using her strong intuitive skills, personal experience in healing her own body and years of practical learning, she is now guiding her clients out of long term cycles of sabotage, limiting beliefs and pain to live more vibrant, dynamic lives.

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  • Yes I have been wearing quite a few letters in the past but luckily I have been able to pass that stage in my life. I have committed myself to reaching the success I have aimed for. Great post, thanks for sharing!

    • Lol. I love that Gina-Dianne…… one of my favorite songs 🙂
      YES! How great would that be if people Celebrated their ‘letters’
      and realize the power of who they are.
      Thanks for adding joy & fun to the process Gina- Dianne.

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