★Motivation Monday:  Move Beyond Basic Instinct
Is your pain putting you in self preservation mode?

Einstein - Self Preservation

What are your self preservation tools?
What are you hungry for?
Where is your love?
How is pain showing up for you?
Is fear holding you back?

Move Beyond Basic Pain Instinct

There may have been a time in your life where surviving an event was all consuming for you. Whether it stemmed from your childhood or later in life, traumas like bullying, humiliating experiences, falls, sudden loss of loved ones, car accidents, sports injuries, verbal/physical abuse from parents, partners or authority figures can have long lasting effects. Your body, mind and other senses become conditioned to be on high alert, anticipating anything that slightly resembled that event.

With time and support, you may reach a point where you feel like you’ve moved on….. emotionally and intellectually. Do you ever find yourself having a reaction, and not really being sure where it came from? It could be your mind playing tricks on you, OR it could be your body playing tricks on you.

The Body Trap
Your body is sensitive… and it has a memory all of it’s own. Like your brain, when fed the same stimuli, your body goes on automatic pilot. And with deep conditioning, it can begin to run the show…. reacting and notifying your brain….. maybe when it’s too late.

For many people that is the case. It’s too late. Automatically, they’re in another cycle of pain. And now they’re paying the consequences….

With time – missing work & seeing yet another doctor

Crippled with pain – unable to move

Miserable – isolated, medicated, uncomfortable

Body Rock
Do you listen when your body talks to you? It’s true, your body talks to you… all the time… has been for years. All those little nicks & scrapes, bumps & bruises, headaches, and low energy states are your body’s way of saying ‘HEY, I need you to pay attention to ____!’

Where do you need to fill in the blank? What are you hungry for? Where is your love? How is pain showing up for you? Is fear holding you back? What are you preserving? What are you saving yourself for? What are you saving yourself from?

There may have been times that you didn’t listen. Maybe you didn’t understand the signals. Maybe you were just used to the injuries. Maybe you were just on autopilot. Maybe you had to wait for your body to turn up the volume and start screaming at you! Are you ready to listen?!

End your cycle of pain now

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Love & Light,

Paula D'Andrea - Transformation Specialist

After an outstanding career as one of L.A.'s top fitness trainers, Paula D'Andrea is Rocking her role as a Transformation Specialist. Paula has taken her knowledge of the body and mind to a deeper level. Using her strong intuitive skills, personal experience in healing her own body and years of practical learning, she is now guiding her clients out of long term cycles of sabotage, limiting beliefs and pain to live more vibrant, dynamic lives.




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