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What are your Leadership qualities?


What are the qualities of Leadership you admire? How do you match up? What are the strengths you have that give you an opportunity to stand out in your life and serve others? What makes you want to put yourself ‘out there’?

Each President marks an era, and the reflection of our nation. Some were effective in office, while others, like Franklin Pierce, were considered failures. He was respected and admired as a lawyer and politician by his home state of New Hampshire. Nationwide, his popularity waned as he made divisive decisions. He was abandoned by his party and not asked to serve a second term.

What do you do to deal with the tough decisions of your life?
How are you making your mark?

You don’t have to agree with politics, and you probably won’t be happy with every leader. Nor will you be liked or popular with everyone. What you can do, is like the leader in you! Bring your best to all that you do and live your life from the perspective of maintaining your individual integrity.

Can you stand by the decisions you’ve made in your life?
Do you take ownership of your successes, as well as your mistakes?
Are you proud of who you’ve become and as you stand now in your life?

What are your Leadership Qualities
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Define Your Leadership Qualities

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