Paula D’Andrea, Soul Muse

Specializing in Somatic Alchemy and Vibrational Tuning

I know what you’re thinkin’….. one of those kooky, crazy, L.A. chicks. Not quite. As a matter of fact, far from it. I use the world Alchemy in reference to Energy and Transformation of the body and soul.

Both my grandfather and father were Alchemists.  My family owned D’Andrea Pharmacy, a neighborhood pharmacy in the Federal Hill area of Providence, RI.  I began working at 344 Broadway at the age of 8, working the soda fountain and cash register.  This largely populated Italian community was my induction to service, and it was something my family took seriously.  

My father was known for his ‘magic potion.’  Anyone that ever had it, knew his custom blended syrup was the thing to cure them when they got sick.  Instead of going to a doctor, they’d come to my father.  I watched him make his ‘magic potion’ with all his Alchemy instruments.….. beakers, funnels and measuring spoons.

My Alchemy is a little different, and my unique gift allows me to tune into your frequency, co-creating with you to give you the tweaks your body, heart and soul need to be fully and organically in your energy.  In harmony, in awareness, in totality.

You are a unique being and I’m here to remind you of that

There’s any number of reasons you may need a reminder…. events and situations like illness, loss from divorce, death or empty nest or any of life’s transitions may have left you flat on your ass, wondering what happened while life passed you by.

On the flip side, you could be due for an energy upgrade or struggling to get out of a people pleasing zone and trying to be ‘perfect’. Any of these situation drain you and literally eat up your energy. It’s Ok, it happens to the best of the best.  Like most people, you can’t figure out how to get back on your feet or go forward.  You just can’t find it in a manual.

That’s where I step in….. uniquely gifted to tune in and tweak your frequency.  To guide you where your heart yearns to be – quickly, easily and effortlessly.  To re-instill your confidence, self love and sense of self – to Freely be in the Power of You….. Rockn’ & Rolln’ – unleashed and true. 

This is all about you.  About the life you want to live…… not the lifestyle you want to have.  This is about you….. fully stepping in – to your body, your heart, your power and your potential.  Everything is geared towards getting you into that skin tight version of you and the ability to energize yourself at any time so you can transform any situation and Rock your Life.

Whichever coaching package you choose,
I guarantee I will Rock it out like Joan Jett
to get you where you want to Go-Go…..

Be ready for a quick, deep, fun ride!


You’ll know if we’re a fit if you can say YES’ to the following……

– I can take responsibility for myself and am willing to be open & honest
– I am willing to go as deep as possible to Rock myself out
– I am ready to Rock my Highest Vibe with ✮PLC Power, Love & Connection
– I love Rock’n’Roll!


Either you’re looking for a quick tune up or you want to get your feet wet to advance to another program.  Either way, this is an engaging consultation….. you let me know what you’d like to work on, and pronto, we’re there!
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Your Backstage Pass gives you access to me all day long…. and 3 months after.  Backstage Pass is designed for those who are ready to take that deep dive into their Soul… who want to explore what’s been holding them back, release it and move forward. It could be old, it could be new….. it really doesn’t matter. The bottom line is you’ve had enough, and you need to ‘Pono up‘ & get right with yourself. Your virtual day begins and ends with energizing your dreams into reality.  In between, we’ll work on what you don’t need & filtering in the good stuff.

This all day immersion is balls to the wall driven like Tommy Lee bangn’ on his Pearls.  Buckle up! 
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VIP is all about luxury and connection.  If you’ve been feeling lost, this is your chance to be found… 1st class.  Pamper, energize, transform…. Rock ya self out in the City of Angels.  You’ll have time to chillax and remove yourself from your daily environment to Strip, Rattle and Roll your energy & emotions while giving yourself the PLC you’ve been missing.  

This Rockn’ Roll Fantasy begins with a limo pick-up from LAX to your hotel, where you’ll stay for 3 days.  You’ll be getting the full Rock Star treatment staying in the lap of luxury, in a swanky L.A. hotel.  Get ready to Rock your dreams into reality with the full on Rock Star treatment.  

Enticing?  Cool,  cool.  As they say in my town, “let’s do lunch” click here