Stop judging, procrastinating and
living in fear & doubt

After putting so much time into your business, you're now realizing there are a few things that
have slipped out of range and a few old, unresolved personal issues have cropped up.  

Free Your Drunk Monkeys

The Buddha said, "everyone has monkey mind."  With all those monkeys swinging through your mind, chatter getting ever louder, it's no wonder you feel conflicted.

Don't blame yourself...  blame your Drunk Monkeys. They keep the fear, the doubt, the guilt, the shame, the "I suck" &  "I'm not good enough" alive.

Do you allow your mind to project the worst possible outcomes keeping you from the success you really deserve?
Are you conjuring up scenarios that make your fears real and stuck in sabotage?
Do you find your mind running wild with judgement that is stalling your next success?
Is perfectionism causing your focus to drift, bringing dread and feelings of overwhelm?



Any one of the drunk monkeys listed above can cause you to shut down and keep you from everything you want.  You get bits and pieces, but you don't ever feel like you move past a certain place.  What's worse is you thought you already addressed the issues holding you back.

♦ How exasperated are you because you're unable to scale a $100K ceiling?
What do you do when you've tried everything - including therapy, hypnosis, coaching - only to still  be dealing with the same issues?
Are you at your wits end and tired of your efforts not bringing you what you deserve in life?