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check  Identify what's holding you back & develop a mindset that compliments every aspect of your being

check  Blast through your blocks to get out of your own way to release the limitations of your past

check  Find targeted solutions for dealing with procrastination, loss, body image, hiding out, deservability issues, self worth, perfectionism

check  Have confidence to be more visible in your life including sales calls, speaking engagements, and personal and professional relationships

check  Step into your self with gratitude, love & appreciation, and step into a life you love


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  • Alignment

    You may be at a crossroad in life – separation, career transition, sudden loss, empty nest.  Maybe you just haven’t been living the way you’ve really wanted to because fear or circumstances got in the way.  There could be just one little thing lingering from your past.  Something that intermittently shows up, throwing you off track with your work, in your relationships or your health.  Getting to your core issue will allow you to release your past.  There isn’t any fixing to do… no blame, no shame… nothing to dredge up.  Just you, looking at yourself with love, renewal and self-ownership.  Free from your past – out of limiting beliefs and patterns to  re-design your life.  With a new perspective, you’ll move forward on a new path with clarity and confidenceIn alignment.

  • Light

    Do you have the strong feeling that you just want to be ‘right‘ with yourself?  To be in integrity with the areas of your life that are important to you.  To ensure your conscience, intuition and consciousness line up with your spirit.  What happens when life experiences take you for a ride and shake you to your core?  An accident or bad relationship will shake you to your core, leaving you overwhelmed and in some pretty dark spaces.  Those dark spaces can send you spiraling, filling you with doubt and fear, and maybe even triggering a past trauma.  You need Light to fill the darkness.  To bring your heart back.  To bring your sanity back.  To give you strength.  To fill you with Love and Light.

  • F.I.T.

    When you hold emotion or trauma in your body, it manifests in chronic pain, flare-ups, excess weight, anxiety and stress.  When you’re in so much discomfort you don’t feel like doing anything.  You hide out, you sabotage, you give in, you isolate.  It creates more problems.  You’ve tried alternative methods, some with better success than others.  You’ve been to countless doctors who say ‘you have to live with it.’  Do you really?!  What is your definition of healthy?  Life isn’t all about a perfect body after all.  Sure you want to look good.  More importantly, you want to feel good.  To have the energy and focus to meet your day.  To nourish yourself on all levels – integrating all the best parts of you.  To choose how you want to live – pain freeAre you ready to make choices that give you freedom to age well, eat what you want, embrace how you think, act, love and play?  How about getting in shape enough so your joints don’t hurt and you can still walk a mile?  Define what you want out of life so your vitality matches your outlook.  Be The F.I.T. That Fits You.

  • LOV

    There’s a cosmic pull for everyone….. it’s the Law of Vibration.  When you are in LOV, you are resonating the vibration that is uniquely yours.  It’s up to you how high you want to take it.  Is it easy to slip out of?  You bet – when you aren’t used to being fluid in your emotion, thoughts and actions.  How do you become fluid?  You get to know yourself on all levels – spiritually, energetically, emotionally, intellectually, socially, physically.  You release old attachments, expectations, grudges and discord.  You learn to Be.  You step into who you really are.  When you’re in your stride in your life, in LOV, you will flow.  Your higher vibe will amplify.  How much energy can you handle?!  Do you have the fluidity you want?  What is the transformation waiting for you?  How are you going to integrate the old with the new?  Find your LOV, and create your FREEDOM.