You have the heart and soul of…


YET…   You know there is more

You have the heart and soul of a leader...  You're a Maverick.

What stops you from listening to your inner GPS?

As an executive or entrepreneurial maverick, you're used to taking risks... yet nothing is paying off or panning out at the level you want.  
Something has thrown you off course, and now you're flip flopping on your level of influence and you're 'why.'  

This is leaving you feeling drained and frustrated.   It's also causing you to rethink things - to the point of giving up - only you know that's not really an option.   

Point blank, you're not trusting yourself or your abilities.

What you should know about me:
I am...  a navigator, introspective, efficient, pragmatic

I am not... unicorns + rainbows, a coddler, here to waste time

I only work with committed people and I want to make this easy for you, so I'm waiving my fee (normally $297) - all you have to do is show up.*

*$97 refundable deposit required to book session.  
24-hr cancellation. Refund upon completion of session.

Hi, I'm Paula D'Andrea, an advocate for leaders and influencers who is committed to navigating them back to their true north.  

Join me for a 60-minute  GPS Session to find out what is keeping you from being your most powerful.

Are you a leader or influencer in your industry that...

  • bullseye
    Feels as though you've reached a pinnacle of success but you're a lone ranger with no one keeping you on point to your true north
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    Have a hard time being present because you're so distracted and overwhelmed by what needs to get done
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    You know you're supposed to be going North and you're going South
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    You're disconnected from your inner GPS and getting further and further from your path 

"Paula helped me clear multiple blocks

around my health, my mindset & goals to get me back to my desk & ready for my next step."

Troy Hoffman, CEO, Simpluris

"Paula is a great motivator and is creative.

Throw in her fitness background, and ‘poof!’ you’ve got the whole package to accomplish your goals on many levels."

Patrick Jordan, Executive Luxury Director with Bennion Deville Homes

"My experience with Paula took my breath away

she has so much strength and power. She is like a 'Tony Robbins type' on the outside asking me to be that powerful person inside. She sees you, she gets you... I was thrilled to be empowered by someone with this Gift."

Andrea Quinn, Quinn Essentials Coaching

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