PDFITLAAt 8 years old, I began working the soda fountain in my family's pharmacy, D'Andrea Pharmacy, in Providence, RI.  Both my father and grandfather were alchemists, mixing compounds for members of our community. Along with learning to provide excellent customer service, I also learned the value of health.

Having been born with hip dysplasia, spending a summer with bronchitis and being sidelined by Osgood Schlatter disease, I had my own health struggles early in life.  For someone who was athletic and liked to play, it was tough to be inactive.

Early on in life, I decided to take care of myself as best I could, and it developed into a passion for personal growth & wellness. Through my own circumstances, I realized how entwined the body and mind were.  Mental and physical blocks were just as prevalent as the physical.  Although down, I was never out or feeling sorry for myself.  Instead, I sought solutions and explored the depths of mind and body.

As The RESET Expert, I'm here to help busy professionals, just like you, leverage their energy for increased vitality, health and productivity to enjoy the freedom lifestyle you've been working so hard for.

It has been in serving as a facilitator in wellness, fitness and coaching that I have learned the most over the past 20 years.  Experience has made sense of textbook knowledge to help clients overcome stress, insomnia, burnout, and deal with weight issues caused by prolonged sitting, traveling and overall inactivity.

Let me help you RESET to strengthen and align a deep connection of your mind and body to live the life you deserve.