April 18, 2014

Fresh Start Coaching

  Thriving “Every day is a new day to become more of who you are.  A fresh start.”FreshStart-flush-site1.png

Fresh Start offers you the opportunity to wrap up your past and enthusiastically be in your now….. with clarity and confidence.

You see the cycles. Now it’s time to connect the dots.

- having a healthy body you like
- waking up every day excited about life
- being financially secure with room to be frivolous
- having a path in life that you really enjoy
- being around people you really care about
- experiencing your life as abundant in love, fun and freedom

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Whether you spend your time in the boardroom, courtroom, on stage, in videos, in your community or with your family, you want to be healthy, happy and dynamic. Fully visible, fully present…….. fully participating in your life.  Thriving.

For many years you’ve probably been working on changing habits
– Getting up at all hours to try to fit your ‘daily habits’ in
– Eating things you don’t like, and you’re still stuck with a ‘muffin top’
- Struggling with clothes that fit, then don’t fit

- Living in a body that is unhealthy
- Uncertain what you want to do with your life
- Hiding or finding comfort in the past

- Getting angry at yourself for being d
ealing with the same issue for the umpteenth time

When you aren’t happy, it’s amazing how your body will rebel!
Pain Points
- Recurring flare-ups or chronic pain
- Extra weight
- Stress

Pain isn’t any fun.  It leaves you depleted, irritable and unable to concentrate or put focus where you want.  Being unfocused can lead to more injuries or accidents.  And more than anything, you aren’t happy.  You come back to the same painful questioning, over and over.  “If I’m so successful in other areas, why can’t I move past this.”  You’ve gotten really good at your ‘cover up,’ and from outward appearances, you look like you have it all….. that you have it together.  Inside you’re at a loss.  Angry at yourself and feeling crappy… stuck.

Are you done?  It’s time to give up the chit chat in your head and begin listening to your body – it’s got a lot of wisdom for you.  You don’t have to struggle, be angry, or hate yourself.  Isn’t that a relief?!  All you have to do is surrender and stop resisting.  To welcome the idea that you deserve to be thriving instead of surviving.  That you don’t have to use your body as a weapon against success.  That you can embrace your struggle, thank it and send it on its way.

Fresh Start offers you an opportunity to wrap up your past and enthusiastically be in your now….. with clarity, and confidence.

You see the cycles, now it’s time to connect the dots

Fresh Start Programs

Level 1 – Alignment Ready to regroup?  Level 1 is perfect for you!  Your 2-part Alignment is designed to energize and support one area of your life or business.  Move forward on your new path with clarity and confidence.  (Two 90-minute sessions, scheduled 2 weeks apart)

FreshStart-flush-site.pngFreshStart-flush-site.pngFreshStart-flush-site1.png FreshStart PD

Level 2 – 21 Days You may be one of those people who is addressing the same issue for the umpteenth time.  Join me for 21 Days, and let it be the last.  Level 2 offers daily support for 21 Days to make sure you are Rock Solid and on your way to lasting change.  (21 consecutive days)

Level 3 – 90 Days In Level 3, you are going for the complete package – to design your life and begin living the way you really want to live.  90 Days to design your life from your innermost desires.  Establish your life on your terms and implement the actions you know are important and necessary to compliment the life you desire.  (90 consecutive days)

Coming Soon!   Fresh Start Retreats

Take your first step to living your life the way you want…. healthy, confident and happy

Say ‘YES!’ and put yourself on the path you’ve been striving for.  In your complimentary 30-minute Breakthrough Session, I guarantee I’ll do my part and give you the ‘AHA’ or mini breakthrough that will expand you into your knowing, and provide you with your next step.    

This is your time to live your life – to really love yourself and be the person you want to be.   Surrender to resistance.  Surrender to love.  You’re in good hands!

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Strength is one of my greatest gifts….. let me share it with you

PD Headshot 150x200There are 2 things I’ve heard all my life….. “you have beautiful eyes” and “you’re so strong.”  I don’t tire of hearing either.  For all my strength, there is one thing I fought.  Self Love.  Years of family dysfunction and being at the hand of childhood bullying put my heart in shut down mode.  In my journey to get out of resistance, I’ve met legends & celebrities, and have studied with top experts in fitness, mindset and spirituality.

Encountering obstacle after obstacle – accidents, financial ruin, family loss – allowed me to grow into my energy.  Every step has put me in stride with who I am.  My skill set contains years of practical experience, innate talent, learned knowledge and techniques.  You will benefit from all of that.  You can have it all – good health, happiness, love and the life you want.  All you have to do is get out of your own way.

Love & Light

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