Meet Paula

PD JAN2016With a Zen-Rock energy, Paula D'Andrea a.k.a. 'The Reset Expert,' delivers accelerated results that provide clarity, focus, relief and confidence for busy professionals on the verge of their next act in life.  Those who are ready for adventure, as much as they are ready to reach their glass ceiling and acceptance of self.

With Paula's guidance, her clients stare down their biggest challenges of negative self talk, body issues, self-doubt and limiting beliefs. Their willingness to reset and pull their life together, piece by peace, is the link to looking their obstacles directly in the eye to overcome them.

Energy psychology and intuitiveness, as well as visionary and success coaching skills shape Paula's customized programs to provide easy-to-use tools, and practical strategies, that are effortless to implement.  Designed for daily use and to refocus when necessary, Paula's clients appreciate the effective, practical and simplistic design she produces, which strengthen changes made while in their coaching program.

Forever grateful for the acclaim, Paula measures her success through her clients, who are finally able to love all their undesirable flaws and imperfections, which allow them to not only experience themselves as whole and complete, but to accept themselves fully.

A natural born leader and coach, Paula works with celebrities, industry execs, high impact entrepreneurs and executives. Her path in Fitness, Wellness and Success & Life Coaching, have earned her accolades in The Wall Street Journal, Forbes.com, KNBC, KTLA and Telemundo.